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Chadwick Boseman... A role model for all to aspire! Chad’s strength, courage, love, and humility
is our generation; yesterday, today, and tomorrow! We are one and truly blessed by our Creator!
One Love —Family! #Bless!
Remembering Chadwick Boseman
Chadwick Boseman ~ My African King
Solomon Naraine.  Library Elective Mr. Durant 8A
I understand the importance of acknowledging and writing about African Kings and
Queens before Slavery. It is very beneficial for us to understand that our beautiful
history did not start with slavery. How we come from thriving African Kingdoms that
were flourishing before the MAAFA. But it is also very important to give Kings that live
or lived in this time the respect they deserve. If the Kings today are not given the
respect they deserve, then tomorrow, we will neglect the Kings and Queens coming
after us.
I am very compelled to write about Chadwick Boseman in the context of a King.
Chadwick Boseman represented a whole lot more than what most of us think. He
represented the epitome of what being a man and a King is. Chadwick Boseman
provided African people all over the world with inspiration about the potential of who
we and Africa could and will be.

Chadwick Boseman had such high regard for himself like a King. He did not play roles
that degraded him or his people. He didn’t take roles that included being the victim of
slavery, drugs or crime. In his speech at Howard University, he elaborated on how he
did not play as what he considered a stereotypical Black victim that was into crime and
violence. Although Chadwick Boseman could have taken that role and made good
money, he respected himself enough to understand that his dignity is more important
than a paycheck. Chadwick Boseman even gave suggestions to the directors and
producers. He thought that the character he was playing could have some type of skill
that could uplift him out of crime and poverty.

Even while Chadwick Boseman was battling Colon Cancer, he put his pain to the side
and advocated for the well being of the African American frontline workers during this
COVID-19 Pandemic. Chadwick Boseman also visited children with terminal cancer
throughout the filming of Black Panther. While he was ill, he gave comfort to other
children who had cancer. This shows just how loving and caring he is for others. The
pain that Chadwick Boseman had to go through, did not stop him from supporting
others. Love and respect for our vulnerable is a major trait of an African King; Chadwick
Boseman had this majestic attribute.

He also supported the idea of African Americans knowing their history before slavery.
Not only knowing what country in Africa that we come from, but also knowing exactly
what tribe and region our ancestors are from. In a radio interview with the Breakfast
Club, he said that,”If you just know the country you come from, that's still the European
borders to some extent, but if you know that you're Yoruba from Nigeria, now you can
pinpoint specific customs and rituals that are a part of your past“. It is very important
that we study our culture and traditions that our tribe follows so we can have a deeper
spiritual connection to Africa.

It was apparent that Chadwick Boseman had a very deep connection to Africa; even
while he was ill. Most people on his last appearance chose to focus on his weight loss, I
noticed the illuminated African necklace that glowed on his chest with pride. I would
like to think that he showed us the level of commitment he had for his homeland by
wearing African necklace during his difficult times.

All Africans can learn a lot from the essence of Chadwick Boseman. In Kansas City,
people are becoming more and more violent towards each other. This even goes to the
extent of murdering innocent children. Chadwick Boseman taught us to love, protect,
and sacrifice for one another with his actions, not hurt and destroy our people. In one of
his quotes, he said, ”The only difference between a hero and the villain is that the villain
chooses to use that power in a way that is selfish and hurts other people.”

In Africa, ethnic violence is causing genocide. Around July this year, many people were
killed in Ethiopia because of tribal and religious differences. Our people need to
remember how Chadwick Boseman lived his life, gracious wanting peace and harmony.
That is ultimately what all Africans need. Many African people today are not in spiritual
alignment with who they really are; African Kings and Queens. Again, Chadwick
Boseman has all of the attributes of a African King and man. He gave inspiration
specifically to the younger generation on the barriers that we as Africans can break.
Also, he treated his people and himself as Kings and Queens. This is my favorite quality
about Chadwick Boseman, his ability to still give comfort to people that are in pain,
even while going through an extreme amount of suffering himself. One of the most
important traits that a King needs to have is love and dedication for their Country or
Empire. Chadwick Boseman showed us with his actions that he has all of these
beautiful qualities.

Source: Aira Genesis is feeling proud ~ FB post ~ 28 September 2020
Rise in Power!
Michael Clarke ~ 31 August 2020

Rise In Power Chadwick!  You will be missed, but not forgotten!  God guide him on his
journey to Your Kingdom! #Bless!
Michelle Obama ~ 29 August 2020

I’ll always remember watching Chadwick in 42. Barack and I were alone in the White
House, on a weekend night with the girls away. I was so profoundly moved by the
rawness and emotion in the barrier-breaking story. And not long after, when he came to
meet with young people in the State Dining Room, I saw that Chadwick’s brilliance on
screen was matched by a warmth and sincerity in person.

There’s a reason he could play Jackie Robinson, Thurgood Marshall, and King T’Challa
with such captivating depth and honesty. He, too, knew what it meant to truly
persevere. He, too, knew that real strength starts inside. And he, too, belongs right there
with them as a hero—for Black kids and for all of our kids. There’s no better gift with
which to grace our world. ❤️
Photo credit: Chuck Kennedy
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