Honorable Leonard Percival "Gong Guru" Maragh Howell
June 16, 1898 - February 25, 1981
Blessed Earthtrong to the Honorable Leonard Percival "Gong guru" Maragh Howell known as
the first Rastafarian born on June 16, 1898, Clarendon Parish, Jamaica

Highest Gratitude for being one of the Bearers of the Light that His Imperial Majesty Emperor
Haile I Selassie I is the All-Mighty Redeemer.

Give Thanks for the Promise Key

Give thank for creating a home away from home, a refuge away from the brutal and cruel
Zombie shitstem of Jamaica that hated I and I for embracing or Roots, our culture for
embracing our identity a great-self sustained commune name "PINNACLE"

Give thanks for standing firm without flinching without bowing out but stood solid as iron for
Truth and Rights even when they flung you in the dutty Jail house and Prison, when they flung
you in the asylum because of the LIGHT. Raspect and Honor!!!

Taken from , " The Promise Key " . ... See More — with
Nyahbinghi Canada Haileselassiei..

Source: FB Post by Ato K. D. Roberts ~ 16 June 2017
The Rastafari Knowledge Management Project
· 17 June ·

"We all believe that Haile Selassie, as King of
Kings and Lord of Lords, shall in time take up
his righteous reign for the people of Israel,
wherein all oppressors shall melt into the
ocean of forgetfulness where they can be seen
no more. We shall serve Haile Selassie to the
end, and all clear-thinking men and women,
regardless of color and creed, should do

- Leonard Howell in the Daily Gleaner 23
November 1940, also quoted in the First Rasta,
page 130.

(The picture shows the famous photograph
sold by Leonard Howell for One Shilling in the
early 1930s.)

Source: Rastafari Knowledge Management
Project ~ FB Post 17 Jun 2019
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