Vaughn Benjamin
"Akae Beka" of 'Midnite'
Aug 13, 1969 - Nov 4, 2019
UCI ~ I See You
Before I lose my
All the powers of my
All my thoughts of good

Before I lose my
All the days of singing
All the days have vibes
out of the herbs man

Before I lose my
All of my breath ohh Jah
A joyful song I sing
today and tomorrow
The woman and youth
must see by example
Before I lose my

Before I lose my
strength/ Midnite aka
Akae Beka

Source: Ras Madoda
Simphiwe Biyana ~ FB
post ~ 8 Nov 2019
"We in the Caribbean,
we are a diaspora taken
out of Africa. [...]

'400 years', the Bible
says, 'know for surety,
thy children shall be a
stranger in a strange
land. They shall afflict
them with hard labour,
400 years.'

Now, 1492 Columbus
sailed the ocean blue.
1892 Haile Selassie I is
born. 400 years!"

- The eternal Vaughn
Benjamin aka Akae
Beka of Midnite
addressing Reggae
University at Rototom
Sunsplash 2014.


Source: The Rastafari
Knowledge Management
Project ~ FB post ~6 Nov
Vaughn Benjamin – The Mythical Legend Of Reggae (1969-2019)
"Rise In Power HighyahOne!"
"JAH Guide as your journey continues! Bless!"
~ Malchijah ~
Give thanks for the Love and Life of InI Brethren Vaughn Benjamin ~ "Akae Beka" of 'Midnite'.
JAH Bless him Itinually!

Source: Michael Clarke ~ FB post ~ 25 Nov 2019
We gonna pray, chant, griev, meditate with our heart full of Love today on the Celebration of
Life ������✡️���� onto Zion beloved One Vaughn Benjamin ”Akae Beka“ till such a Time! Jah
Rastafari liveth �� Blessed Love"

Source: Nurstacris Selectress ~ FB post ~ 25 Nov 2019
O' Reverend, O' Haile Selassie, You, Giver of the Fields and Taker of All, We Praise You and
stand in Gratitude. Thankful to have sat at the table of the farmer and to be strengthen, thankful
for food that has fed so many. Ras Tafari, Our Redeemer has poured out His Kindness on Us.
Atse Haile Selassie shown His Christ and We were called. We ate and saw the food was good,
knowing it contained the gifts of Eternity. Our Eyes and Hearts have been pointed to Judah,
though sinners, able to have rebirth and renewal. From His Throne, In Zion, a Fire ignited and
set flame thru The Word, and His Singers and Players of Instruments Gathered. The People
were drawn in the millions to witness a New Age of Abundance. Abundant in virtue, integrity,
of composition and kindness, shown by example by Royal Men and Women of Old. For this Jah,
and so much more, We Give Thanks to have been considered and favored that we may Know
You. We thank You to have see Your Face and heard Your Anointed Ones. In The Name of
Egizaibier, Hadu Amlak, Jah The Father, Jah the Son and Jah, Memphis Kedus, One Jah. Haile
Selassie, Empress Menen I. Amen.

We may in our life meet few or no men of such a high countenance, when and if we do, we
know that we are in the presence of a Light House. I have met a few, Vaughn Benjamin, Andrew
Martinez (Wake Self) , and Luv Fyah are some of these Hola Ones. A Concentrated crystalized
beam of Love and Right. A Voice of People that drew us to The Heart, where We communed.
Like a Beacon, we were posted and spread the Light. It is Our Joy.

Where The Heart Stays is with the People as did His Love. Some people cannot be symbolized
as a Mighty Tree, as Magnificent as a great tree may be. Some people are Fields of trees that
have fed and IhItinue to feed, whose food does not rot, but is ageless. Iternal, no beginning, no
end. We have worked in this field and we feel the Current, and bare witness, Great is the Most
High Jah, Rastafari, who has allowed Our Cups to be Overflowed Thru His Mercy and Thru His
Blessings. We have felt the shade of these trees like a cool veranda and been comforted in our
times of turmoils and disaster by Jah Grace and Glory. And One day the field and trees are gone,
all that remains are fruits and seeds, what will we do....

When confronted with calamity, we move in stages, sometimes from disbelief and anger, to a
deep loss and become still till numb, yet still submerged. We are to Emerge, we are not
underground, we are above, and on the ground. We yearn to be with Our Beloved again, so we
play his words in Our Head and ears, recall and receive Reminders. We want to be with him, so
lets..let us march forward with the appreciation that we have been Blessed to receive a
Shepard in this time, one who sat with us, listened to us, loved us, and lifts us. This is a Rallying
Cry. We achieve our position by accepting it, Give Jah the Strength of your Life. Plant the seeds
you have been given and stay close to the people that have been brought to the table. Look at
your brother and sister, and ask if they will plant the seeds they were given. So we can create
more fields that flourish within and around. Some men give their all to the people, and become
the voice of the people. The Voice of the People is the voice of Jah, and when we heard him, we
heard Our Father's Holy Sound. He didn't see himself better than any other, he looked at each
member of the band as bonified, with a special duty and sacred task. That we were all placed
by Jah in his life, called by Rastafari for a reason. He was and is placed in Our life for a reason,
to see if we can be all in. To commit , submit and emerge, Baptized in The Trinity. He did live
like Christ, because that was worthy, that was humility. He choose one of the hardest ways to
do it, as a poet that would call on The Creator to Awaken Mankind in the pits of saloons and
caverns. He walked with the command of an Ark Angel, and by his presence we could feel Jah
pouring out. We need to be the best we can for each other, family, friends and the have nots
that would go unnoticed. Stand with the Lamb as He did. Carry the Cross as He did. We must try
and love more, unify more, to care more, for the All-One and One in All. Those are some of the
seeds we have been blessed to hold.

As I receive some of the many calls and messages, the questions are the same as are answers
yearned for. The answer that we all need to take to heart, is, We are Souls, Forever Serving Our
King, Our Strength is in Jah. Because Jah Is, We are with Him, and will abide Forever. Akae Beka
is an Oath for All Time. For All Time and Forever Loving Jah.

"May The Lord Bless you and Keep you, May He make His Face Shine upon You, and be
gracious to you. The Lord Lift Up His Countenance upon you and give you Peace. " Numbers

My Lord,Kings, and Queens, Princesses and Princes. Hail King Rastafari and Let Haile Selassie I
Name Be Praised.

Your Servant,

Ras Elijah Tafari.

Source: Ras Elijah Tafari ~ FB post ~ 5 Nov 2019
Great work our brother, Akae Beka,MidNite, Vaughn Benjamin, you have opened the minds of
many and gave global Reggae a new sound. He was the modern voice, for conscious Rastaman

Source: Ras Atiba ~ FB post ~ 5 Nov 2019
Many thanks for your existence and for you sharing your talent and words with INI. I do wish
we could have completed our reasoning about #Etymology. I promise to fulfill the teachings
and discipline of #Metaphysics(Ontology,Cosmology and Epistemology) with the Righteous
Inspiration and Information you have provided for InI (us). Peace be with your Ba,your Nafs,
your Soul. Shine bright in the Ethers (heavens) my good Brother #VaughnBenjamin aka
#AkaeBeka of #Midnite

Source: Negus Kamaal Atu ~ FB post ~ 5 Nov 2019
Rise In Power Akae Beka The Voice of Midnite Guidance on your Ancestral Journey Ras.

Source: Ras Mackab ~ FB post ~ 5 Nov 2019

Heartfelt condolences to the BENJAMIN family as UTD pays tribute to MIDNITE former
frontman, our beloved frontline soul-jah, VAUGHN BENJAMIN, also known as AKAE BEKA. So
many hearts and souls have been touched by the LIGHT he brought forth through his timeless
and thought-provoking lyrics. Through the catalogue of music he left us, his LIGHT will
continue to touch those who were drawn to his message.

If you are one of the many who was blessed to have the opportunity to share an offstage
moment with AKAE BEKA; then, you are one of the many who knows that, whether offstage or

Rise In Paradise oh mighty one, JAH will be waiting there! To the BENJAMIN family, UTD sends
JAH love and light!



Source: Renard Jude Shy ~ FB post ~ 6 Nov 2019
Ride Brother , Ride in the chariot of light ! Ride on the wings of the irits. R.I.P . We have to see
you again; the Binghi man say , guidance on your way , Ras guide , Ras guide, on your way !

Source: Nyahbinghi Rastafari ~ FB post ~ 5 Nov 2019
PSALMS 22:31- 'They shall come, and shall declare His righteousness unto a people that shall
be born, that He hath done this.' [BLESSED-ASCENSION Bro. Ras. Vaughn Benjamin,

Source: Camara Nicholes ~ FB post ~ 6 Nov 2019

Our hearts are heavy and filled with sadness. A mighty warrior of the Most High has left this
Earthly plain to itinue his works in the spiritual realm. The king has fulfilled all that needed to
be done in this lifetime and the I has left us all with, your legacy, great teachings, wisdom and
nourishment for our spirits. Condolences go out to all the loved ones of@akae_beka
Rise in Power Ancient one
#blessedlove����❤ #akaebeka #legend #midnite #ontozionhegoes #tribute #selassieiwarrior

Source: Jacqueline Rasta ~ FB post ~ 5 Nov 2019
Still can not believe that you are gone ...
I remember every conversation and reasoning . Your strength , guidance and goodness has had
such a powerful impact on my commitment to being the absolute best RASTA that I can be .
You influenced so many of us to enjoy this thing we call life by giving purely of ourselves to
each other and to JAH .
The legacy of your music is our comfort...



Source: D Renee Walker ~ FB post ~ 13 Nov 2019
Condolences from Profi and the nyahbinghi family to midnite known as Akea Beka and his
family One perfect Love

Source: Prof-i Reynolds ~ FB post ~ 6 Nov 2019
This man right here!!! I beloved of JAH!!! No words for my gratitude to have shared time, space,
stage and paper with one of the most extraordinary cultural icons of my generation... a beacon
of light, a truly beautiful man... my brother Vaughn Benjamin... now with the Ancestors...
��✨������✨�� #TheAkeaBeka ��☀️#Exemplary #Kindred

Source: Jah9 ~ FB post ~ 6 Nov 2019
Se murio el leader de reggae band MIDNITe �� . Sleep In peace king . Love they music ������.
Some of they’re music was so healing to my spirit Jah know �� Negus Vaughn Benjamin
#RastafarILeadTheWay ❤️

Source: Yaumera Miranda ~ FB post ~ 5 November 2019
I will raise them up a prophet from among their bredren, like unto thee, and will put my words
in his mouth; and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him.  
Deuteronomy 18: 18

Source: Seymour Liburd ~ FB post ~ 30 Nov 2019
"The world lost a great one, the great @akae_beka #midnitereggaeband jah bless ur #energy
soaring #legend  #kushreggae ���������������� Selassiei the 1th Jaaah Rastafari...  
#Lionorderlonglivelegend"  The world lost a great one, the great @akae_beka
#midnitereggaeband jah bless ur #energy soaring #legend #kushreggae ����������������
Selassiei the 1th Jaaah Rastafari... #Lionorderlonglivelegend

Source: Hiawondah ~ FB Post ~ 5 Mar 2020
Midnite - love The Life You Live
Midnite - Lion Out Of Zion [CD, 2013] {Full Album}
Rare Vaughn Benjamin Interview and Reasoning | Akae Beka | Midnite
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