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The Original African Heritage Study Bible
A Foundation of Truth
'For too long in the history of Western civilization, persons of African descent have been
stereotyped in negative ways which have caused them to question not only their own identity,
but also their part in God's plan of salvation.'

'The birth or creation of the first human (Homo sapiens) took place in the heart of biblical Africa,
which was called at that time "Eden."  The three rivers spoken of in Gen. 2:10-14 verify human
existence in this area.  To substantiate the biblical story of creation, archaeologists and
scientists confirm without doubt that the oldest form of human life has been discovered around
the Olduvai Gorge in present-day Tanzania.  It was from this point that humankind found the
way to other parts of the known world.  This first move was toward northeast Africa, the "Middle
East" and from there into Asia and Europe.  Therefore, during the Bible days when civilization
was high in Kemet (Egypt) there was little known activity on the continent we know today as
Europe.  Civilization came late to the caucasians of the North, and that which came was brought
forth from Akebu-lan (Africa), "the Mother of all Lands."

The Ark of the Covenant
'The Ark described to Moses by God was a vessel built according to sacred specifications.  This
vessel contained the Word of God: "And thou shalt put into the Ark the testimony which I shall
give thee" (Exod. 25:16).  It was thus symbolic of the presence of the Word (Instructions) of God
in the midst of the children of Israel.  God's goal was to make the people understand that they
were to be the place for His everlasting presence.
...Therefore, with the presence of the Word of God in the midst of them, Israel succeeded in all
that they sought to do that was in accordance with the Word of God. ..."'

Queen of Sheba
'The Queen of Sheba was from the country which is today called Yemen *(originally part of
.  Yemen is located in southern Arabia, just a stone's throw from the horn of Africa.  This
location was populated by Sheba and Dedan, two grandsons of Cush (
Ethiopia).  The Queen of
Sheba was very desirous to meet King Solomon after hearing about his wisdom from abroad.  
She was welcomed in Solomon's court and an affair between the two of them resulted in a son
who later was called Menelik I.  She was remembered by Jesus *
the Christ in his teachings when
he referred to her as "The Queen of the South."

Queen Candace
"The Candaces ruled Ethiopia as queens during the time of Jesus *the Christ.  The name is a
royal title.  And this particular Candace was descended from a long line of Candaces.  She is
credited for bringing Christianity to her country by sending her high treasurer the Eunuch to
Jerusalem to seek information concerning the teaching of Christ.  According to secular historians
the Candaces were buried in pyramids like the Pharoahs (Acts 8:27).

The Church of Ethiopia
"One of the oldest and most facinating civilizations to be found in the world today is that of the
Ethiopians.  In the 20th century, the Emperor of Ethiopia, Haile Selassie, is regarded as a man of
great dedication and courage.  In the 1930s when his nation was under savage attack by the
Italians, who resorted to wholesale slaughter of the Ethiopians by mustard gas showered down
from planes, world opinion rallied to the side of the ruler of this ancient citadel of African
The Original African Heritage Study Bible
The above map depicting human origin and migration routes is able to be confirmed against
The Genographic Project by National Geographic at the link below.

** Based on well established archaeological finding; MAP 5 above depicts human migration up
the Nile River from Ethiopia to Nubia to Egypt.  Human Genographic Project at the link above
provides project results that are based on DNA analysis primarily from individual submissions
(i.e., saliva swabs).  It must be noted that long-term integration and mixing of peoples which
has been taking place in Northeast Africa for several thousands of years. Therefore we must be
cognizant while analyzing the results because as stated in the words of Ivan Van Sertima, "...we
cannot extrapolate from a smaller people what a larger people are about...".  In other words,
we cannot look at the people currently located in Northeast African and extrapolate the scale,
scope, and impact of ancient Egyptian/Ethiopian people and civilizations. -- Malchijah.
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