The authoritative direction and administration of the affairs of men
in a nation, state, city, etc.; rule.

Definitions from the New International Webster’s Student Dictionary
Our Philosophy on Government...
We the people of Africa are obligated to abide by the principles
advanced by the African Union.   The African Union is Government
for We the People of Africa and African heritage.  Family is Our first
form of government afforded Us by Our Creator.  Within Our family
there is a historical legacy and heritage that guides us in Our
Wherever you live...

Get Engaged...  Lift your Voice ~ Lift your Hand

Helpful Links
Constitutional Monarchy
Developing an environment
for our children and
teachers that is conducive
to learning and teaching.
Strengthening our
foundation by re-vitalizing
our family and community.
Developing a program that
will provide education,
prevention, and curative
measures against dis-eases
impacting our community.
Gaining financial
independence through
investment in people,
information, and property.
Spiritual Life
Developing an environment
that teaches basic to
complex spiritual concepts.
Advocating representatives
that support the priorities
of the people.
Nothing is hidden from God's view!...
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