Chapter III
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Inter Region Sanitation Seminar
Nov. 29, 1960
We are pleased to welcome in Our capital delegates from a number of African countries and from
countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Region and the international specialists in sanitation who
have come to participate in this Inter-Regional Seminar on Community Water Supply.

We wish to felicitate the World Health Organization for its initiative in organizing this so important
Seminar and thank every person who has co-operated and assisted in its preparation.

It is well known that no life is possible without water but it may not always be so widely known
that if water is not of a good quality it may spread disease and thus impair the health of the people
who utilize it.  It should also be known that water is not only necessary for consumption but also
for personal cleanliness which in turn is such an important factor in preventing diseases and
promoting the general health and well-being for man.

We are therefore gratified to see that leading personalities from so many countries are assembled
here to discuss together with prominent sanitation specialists ways and means of providing their
communities with safe water supplies.  And We hope that this Seminar will be an incentive to
develop and improve the basic agent of personal hygiene as well as of environmental sanitation:
namely, the ready availability of abundant and safe water.

We wish the Seminar the very best success in its deliberations.
Haile Selassie the First - November 29, 1960