Chapter X
Industrial Development
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Indo-Ethiopian Textiles - Inauguration
Apr. 08, 1960
It is with pleasure that We inaugurated today the Indo-Ethiopian Textile Factory, which had its
inception during Our State Visit to India in 1956.  We laid the cornerstone for this enterprise just
two years ago, and it is pleasing to Us to see that Our people are even now reaping benefits from it.

The textile industry is one that is basic to the development of the economy of any country.  We
have always been convinced, not only that this particular enterprise will contribute much to the
welfare and betterment of Our people, but that important projects of this sort, financed in
partnership by Ethiopians and by the citizens of friendly nations, such as India, offer a great and
untapped source of wealth which can contribute greatly to the future development of Our nation.  
It is obvious that it would be in the great interest of Ethiopia could its resources be developed
mainly through the utilization of Ethiopian skill and capital.  But until such time as these essential
requisites to economic development are available, We welcome the co-operation and
collaboration of people of friendly countries, not only in projects such as that which We
inaugurated today, but in other fields as well.  Such undertakings, We know, can contribute to
raising the standard of living of Our people, and We hope to see an ever-increasing number of
enterprises established in Our Empire.

We wish to thank again Messrs-Birla and their associates who have energetically pursued this
project to its completion, Our Minster of Commerce, Industry and Planning, and those others who
have contributed to the achievement which We see before Us today.
Haile Selassie the First - April 8, 1960