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Michael Clarke's Analysis
Selassie's position
In a 1967 recorded interview with the CBC, Haile Selassie
appeared to deny his alleged divinity. In the interview Bill
McNeil says: "there are millions of Christians throughout the
world, your Imperial Majesty, who regard you as the
reincarnation of Jesus Christ." Selassie replied in his native

I have heard of that idea. I also met certain Rastafarians. I told
them clearly that I am a man, that I am mortal, and that I will be
replaced by the oncoming generation, and that they should never
make a mistake in assuming or pretending that a human being is
emanated from a deity.[191]

For many Rastafari the CBC interview is not interpreted as a
denial of his divinity, and according to Robert Earl Hood, Haile
Selassie neither denied nor affirmed his divinity either
way.[192] In Reggae Routes: The Story of Jamaican Music, Kevin
Chang and Wayne Chen note:

It's often said, though no definite date is ever cited, that Haile
Selassie himself denied his divinity. Former senator and Gleaner
editor, Hector Wynter, tells of asking him, during his visit to
Jamaica in 1966, when he was going to tell Rastafari he was not
God. "Who am I to disturb their belief?" replied the

After his return to Ethiopia, he dispatched Archbishop Abuna
Yesehaq Mandefro to the Caribbean to help draw Rastafari and
other West Indians to the Ethiopian church and, according to
some sources, denied his divinity.[193][194][195][196]

Source: Wikipedia.org
My analysis is referring to the italicized text to the left:

In my analysis, the statement made by Haile Selassie I is not a
contradiction to Rastafarian belief.

Let's break down Haile Selassie I's statement:

First, Rastafarians agree that His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie
I was a mortal man prior to November 2, 1930; at which time,
his anointment during His coronation service, transfigurated
HIM from a mortal man to an immortal man that will be renewed
from generation to generation.  For example, I am a
renewal/replacement of my father and my sons are a renewal of
me and so on to time indefinite.

Second, Jesus the Christ is a great prophet with great
compassion for African people from which he originated.


Emanated dictionary definition | emanated defined
verb Emanated is defined as to have come out or come from a
source. An example of the use of emanated as a verb is in the
sentence, "The light emanated from the sun," which means the
light came from the sun. YourDictionary definition and usage

A deity is defined as follows:

Deity - Wikipedia
A deity (/ ˈ d iː ɪ t i / (listen), / ˈ d eɪ -/ (listen)) is a supernatural
being considered divine or sacred. The Oxford Dictionary of
English defines deity as "a god or goddess (in a polytheistic
religion)", or anything revered as divine.

Rastafarians believe that Haile Selassie I is a mortal man that
transfigurated / ascended to the GodHead on earth.  It was not
that he came about from a supernatural being.
Honours bestowed upon H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I  (added: 07/13/2018)
  • Ethiopia Chief Commander of the Order of the Star of Ethiopia – 1909
  • Ethiopia Grand Cordon of the Order of Solomon (Ethiopia) – 1930
  • Ethiopia Grand Collar of the Order of the Seal of Solomon (Ethiopia)
  • Ethiopia Grand Cordon of the Order of the Queen of Sheba (Ethiopia)
  • Ethiopia Grand Cordon of the Order of The Holy Trinity (Ethiopia)
  • Ethiopia Grand Cordon of the Order of Menelik II (Ethiopia)
  • United Kingdom Knight Grand Cross of the Order of St Michael and St George (GCMG) – 1917
  • Kingdom of Italy Order of the Crown of Italy – 1917
  • Kingdom of Italy Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus – 1924
  • Kingdom of Greece Order of the Redeemer (19 August 1924)
  • Belgium Order of Leopold (Belgium) – 1924
  • United Kingdom Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order (GCVO) – 1924
  • United Kingdom Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath (GCB) – 1924
  • Luxembourg Order of the Gold Lion of the House of Nassau – (25 May 1924)
  • France Grand Cross of the Legion d'Honneur – 1924
  • Portugal Order of the Tower and Sword of Portugal – 1925
  • Kingdom of Italy Knight of the Order of the Most Holy Annunciation – 1928
  • United Kingdom Royal Victorian Chain – 1930
  • Japan Grand Cordon of the Order of the Chrysanthemum – 1930
  • Kingdom of Egypt Collar of the Order of Muhammad Ali – 1930
  • Netherlands Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Dutch Lion – 1930
  • Poland Order of the White Eagle of Poland – 1930
  • United States Chief Commander of the Legion of Merit – 1945
  • Norway Collar of the Order of St. Olav of Norway – 1949
  • Spain Collar of the Order of Charles III (1954)
  • Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Order of the Yugoslav Great Star – 1954
  • Kingdom of Greece Medal of Military Merit 1st class (28 October 1954)
  • Germany Special Class of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany – 1954
  • France Military Medal – 1954
  • Netherlands Knight Grand Cross of the Order of William – 1954
  • United Kingdom Stranger Knight of the Order of the Garter (KG) – 1954
  • Denmark Order of the Elephant – 1954
  • Sweden Collar of the Order of the Seraphim – 1954
  • Mexico Collar of the Order of the Aztec Eagle – 1954
  • Austria Grand Star of the Decoration of Honor for Merit of Austria – 1954
  • Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Honorary citizen of Belgrade – 1954[177]
  • South Korea Order of Merit for National Foundation (Order of the Republic of Korea) – 1955
  • Italy Collar of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic – 1955
  • Japan Collar of the Order of the Chrysanthemum-1956
  • South Vietnam Grand Cross of the National Order of Vietnam- 1958
  • Burma Order of Truth – 1958
  • Brazil Collar of the Order of the Southern Cross – 1958
  • Indonesia Star of the Republic of Indonesia, 1st Class – 1958
  • Pakistan Hilal-i-Pakistan, 1st Class – 1958
  • Thailand Order of the Maha Chakri – 1958
  • Portugal Riband of the Three Military Orders Of Christ, St. Benedict of Aviz, and St. James of the Sword (1959)
  • Soviet Union Order of Suvorov 1st class – 1959
  • Somalia Order of the Leopard of Somalia – 1960
  • Egypt Order of the Nile (22 May 1963)
  • Iran Grand Collar of the Order of Pahlavi – 1964
  • Uganda Commander of the Order of the Shield and Spears of Uganda – 1964
  • Romania Star of the People's Republic of Romania (1964)
  • Hungary Order of the Flag of the Republic of Hungary 1st Class with Diamonds – 1964
  • Iran Commemorative Medal of the 2500th Anniversary of the founding of the Persian Empire (14 October 1971)[178]
  • Jamaica Jamaica Kings House Honouree, Jamaica – 1966
  • Haiti Collar of the National Order of Honour and Merit – 1966
  • Haiti Necklace of the Order of Jean-Jacques Dessalines the Great – 1966[179]
  • Poland Order of Polonia Restituta (1967)
  • Malaysia Order of the Crown of the Realm – (21 May 1968)
  • Ghana Order of the Star of Ghana – 1970
  • Holy See Order of Pius IX – 1970
  • Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Honorary citizen of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia – 1972[180]
  • Argentina Order of the Liberator San Martin
  • Zaire Collar of the Order of the Leopard
  • Senegal Order of the Lion
  • Malawi Order of the Lion
  • Cameroon Order of Valour of Cameroon
  • Peru Order of the Sun of Peru
  • Venezuela Collar of the Order of the Bust of the Liberator Simon Bolivar
  • Bolivia Order of the Condor of the Andes
  • Taiwan Special Grade of the Order of Propitious Clouds
  • Kingdom of Iraq Grand Order of the Hashemites
  • Finland Collar of the Order of the White Rose
  • Tunisia Order of Independence
  • Syria Order of Umayyad
  • Togo Order of Mono of Togo
  • Republic of the Congo Order of Congolese Merit
  • Gabon Order of the Equatorial Star
  • Nigeria Order of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
  • Uganda Order of the Source of the Nile
  • Zambia Order of the Eagle of Zambia
  • Jordan Order of al-Hussein bin Ali
  • Morocco Order of Muhammad
  • Sudan Chain of Honor
  • Philippines Raja of the Order of Sikatuna of the Philippines
  • Liberia Knight Grand Band of the Order of the Pioneers of Liberia
  • Kenya Grand Chief of the Order of the Golden Heart
  • Czechoslovakia Order of the White Lion 1st class with collar
  • Libya Order of Idris I of Libya
  • Lebanon National order of Lebanon
  • Central African Republic National order of Central African Republic
  • Saudi Arabia Order of King Abdul Aziz, 1st Class, of Saudi Arabia
  • Chile National order of Chile
  • Chad National order of Chad
  • Benin National order of Benin
  • Mali National order of Mali
  • Madagascar National order of Madagascar
  • Mauritania National order of Mauritania
  • Guinea National order of Guinea
  • Republic of Upper Volta National order of Upper Volta Ancestry
  • Doctor of Laws 1966 (UWI)

Source:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haile_Selassie
Images of Haile Selassie I
Support the recognition of
Emperor Haile Selassie I
as the original founder of
Organization of African Union (OAU)
(select link below)
Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia

Emperor Haile Selassie I Memorial Association Scholarship

The scholarship fund is gathered through the Association
from various charitable organizations and individuals from
around the world. It is designed to support students’
academic efforts and instill in them a sense of service to
their country and community upon embarking on a career.

Recipient of the Emperor Haile Selassie Memorial
Association Scholarship Announced

Ethiopia hoy dess ibalish
Beamlakish hail benegoosish
Tibaberewal arbanyotchish
Ayennakam ketto netsannatesh
Bertoo natchoha terarotchish
Ateférim ketelatotchish
Del adraguioo Negoosatchin
Yinoorellen lekebratchin.


Ethiopia, be happy
thanks to the power of God and your ruler.
Your brave citizens are unanimous;
your freedom will never be touched,
as your mountains are defiant
and your natives do not fear any enemy.
Long live our victorious ruler
to the glory of our country.
UCI Knowledge...
  1. His Imperial Majesty (Girmawi), Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia received the title of Negus Negast (King of kings),
    Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Elect of God.
  2. He was referred to as Janhoy, and as Girmawi (Imperial Majesty).  The Emperor, or majesty, sometimes affectionately
    referred to as 'Ababa Janhoy' (Father Majesty)
  3. Girmawi Kedamawi Haile Selassie I, Neguse Negest Ze Etiyopiya (His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I, King of kings
    of Ethiopia)
The Austrian Lore Trenkler became dietitian of Empress Menen of Ethiopia in 1960.

She arrived in Addis Ababa on November 14, 1960, and lived in the old bathhouse Lidj Yeassu in the gardens of the Palace of the

After the death of the Empress (February 1962) then Miss Trenkler was the cook of the emperor.

Haile Selassie did not eat much; a favorite food was apple strudel. She said, "For example breakfast: porridge, cereal with milk and
cream; various other combinations of eggs, and cooked eggs, scrambled eggs or omelet; Ethiopian recipes made from chicken
meat, kidney, bread, butter, jam, honey, coffee cooked sheep."  

Source: Facebook Post
The Memory and Mercy of H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I
Source: Molefi Imeru Andries
27 August 2019
Once the Emperor was distributing gifts to men who served the Ethiopian cause in World War II. After he
had finished, one man approached him and complained that he had been overlooked.
"You lie," Haile Selassie I replied, calling the petitioner by name and citing the exact place, day and hour that he had
been rewarded for obtaining a string of mules for the army.
The man flushed and trembled, for he had never suspected that the Emperor would remember, since scores of others
had been honored at the same time. He started to inch away, but the Emperor summoned him back and tossed him a
bundle of banknotes anyway. ( God is omniscient /Igizi’abiḥeri huluni awak’i newi )
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Royal Attributes
Magazine Articles
Titles of H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I
1) Lij Täfäri Makonnen WoldeMikael's
2) Negus Ras Tafari Makonnen
3) Negus Negast Qedamawi Atse Haile Selassie
4) His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I
5) Girmawi (His Imperial Majesty) Qedamawi (the first) Haile Selassie

The Emperor of Ethiopia (Ge'ez: ንጉሠ ነገሥት, nəgusä nägäst, "King of Kings") was the
hereditary ruler of the Ethiopian Empire, until the abolition of the monarchy in 1975. The
Emperor was the head of state and head of government, with ultimate executive, judicial
and legislative power in that country. A National Geographic Magazine article called
imperial Ethiopia "nominally a constitutional monarchy; in fact [it was] a benevolent
Source: Ethiopians-for-constitutional-monarchy ~ Emperor-of-Ethiopia
YahWeh El Elyon Elohim El-Shaddai
Igzeeabher Giramawee Nigus Negast Qedamawee
Haile Selassie I First

Source: Seymour Liburd i~ 17 October 2020
Haile Selassie I speaks to be the Returned Christ


The Name of His Majesty Qedamawi Hayle Selassie, Q H S (ቀ ኃ ሥ) is also officially translated by the
King as I H S (H S I, Qedamawi is the First "I"), like the western (Greek) mystic Name of Jesus and in
the same form of the traditional monogram of Christ.

It was also engraved in the center of the Crosses, on the place of the Crucified One, and within
several Ethiopian Churches. The Selassie Church, the most important cathedral of Ethiopian
history, built by the King Himself, is abundantly decorated with Such Holy Name. In particular, as
you can see in these pictures, the Name of Janhoy is engraved on the altar until now, with the
shape of the Ark of the Covenant, among two angels in prayer. That is the Throne of God, with
Michael and Gabriel in humble worshiping.

The message is clear, bow down. The King knows Who He Is, and the whole Ethiopia recognizes
this by fact of adoration. See dem all kissing and praying the HOLA NAME, even now.

Source: Tekle Selassie ~ FB Post ~ 06 Sep 2019
Images of
Haile Selassie I
Support the recognition of
Haile Selassie I
as the original founder of
Organization of African Union (OAU)
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Original Founder of OAU
His Imperial Majesty
Emperor Haile Selassie I recognized by
The African Union
Foods consumed by
Haile Selassie I
Austrian Lore Trenkler (born Berlin 25 March 1914, died Vienna 10 September 2002) became
dietician of Empress Menen of Ethiopia in 1960.After the Empress’ death (February 1962) Miss
Trenkler stayed as cook of the Emperor.

Haile Selassie did not eat much; one of his favourite dishes was apple strudel. Lore Trenkler lists
the following dishes:

Breakfast: porridge, cornflakes with milk and cream; various other egg dishes such as boiled eggs,
scrambled eggs or omelette; Ethiopian meat dishes made of chicken, baked sheep’s kidney, bread,
butter, jams, honey, coffee.

Lunch: a small hors d’oeuvre, like cheese of spinach baked pudding, rice with ragout, pasta,
vegetables au gratin, vegetables; as main dish, a meat dish with various vegetables and potatoes as
side dish; Ethiopian dishes; as desserts, cream, fruits, eventually cakes or tartlets, fruit salads, a
platter with fruits.

Dinner: soup or entrée as at lunch; main dish as at lunch; Ethiopian dishes; desserts: warm
desserts as thick custard-based desserts, pudding, “Kaiserschmarren” (“Emperor’s trifle”, a sugared
cut-up pancake with raisins), cakes or choux pastry, meringue, or fruit tarts.

Life and Work at the Court of Haile Selassie I: Memoirs of Lore Trenkler Given by – Rudolf Agstner

Source:  Fedachi Mfk ~ FB Post 06 May 2019