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Her Imperial Majesty Empress Menen Asfaw
Empress Menen
(April 3, 1891- Feb 15, 1962)
Below is an unofficial biography of Empress Menen written by an Ethiopian patriot with great
reverence for
His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I and Her Imperial Majesty Empress Menen Asfaw.
Empress Menen
The wife to His Imperial Majesty Haile Sellassie I King of Kings of Ethiopia Memorial for Empress Menen
Asfaw's Birth Day

Written by Yared Gebre Michael 25 March 1950 E.C. Addis Ababa
Translated by Adane Wondie Gebru (Addis Ababa University)       


I would like to prepare this book for your 67th birthday ceremony. This book may not contain all
your biography, but it is a small part of it. When I prepare this book your excellency may
acknowledge it and I beg your majesty in the state of fear to present the book.
Even though, your kindness and charity is well known all over the world, I have to transfer my
knowledge of your good deeds for the coming generation. I was lucky to observe what was going
on in your palace when I was learning in the compound of St. Mark church since 1916. During that
time I had observed at near your kindness, charity and good deeds. This forced me to write this
book in order to help for the  historians to give them source.


I have no intention to be considered as a history writer level. But my interest is to give concrete
fact for the next generation in written form. As His Imperial Majesty Haile Sellassie's Regime helps
writers to preserve historical facts, I, your servant would like to use this opportunity to put this
book as a remembrance between generation. This small book may contain your good deeds and I
am initiated after I had observed your charity and kindness.

I am very grateful for the Almighty God for which I could accomplish this book. And then I wish
long life for the famous His Imperial Majesty Haile Sellassie I King of Kings of Ethiopia, princes,
princesses and the whole family. This is not only my wish but also deep and keen interest of all
Ethiopian to you.

Your servant Yared Gebre Michael from Wogda (Jirru) Doba


When we refer ancient history documents since Adam we can observe that it is not only men
struggle for the better, but also women contributed a lot on their part being on the side of men.
Women shared problems and scarified them selves which make them sacred and give them special
place in the history of mankind.

Woman participated in the battle field with men and be victorious than men. Some women are
remembered famously because they made adventure. During peace women show their hospitality
at home. History mention that they invite the army and have good social relations.

More than in any country, women in Ethiopia as men fight in the battle field being courageous. In
the war front women fight with their husbands. Some women were commanders of the army which
made them famous and their name is noticed in the world.

From these famous women Queen Taitu has got a great historical place. Empress Taitu fought in
Adua battle field as a soldier and as a commander of the army before 62 years.

In 1924 memorial photography of his Majesty King of Kings Haile Sellassie I, Empress Menen,
princess Tanagne Work Haile Sellassie I, prince Merid Azmach Asfaw Wasenn, princess Wolete
Israel Syeoum, Princess Zenebework Haile Sellassie, Princess Tsehaye Haile Sellassie, Prince
Mekonnen the 'Duke' of Harar.  

Next to Queen Taitu our most chanceful Queen Empress Menen is the one who is the most
beautiful naturally. Empress Menen is blessed and rich Queen Menen  is kind, human, and God

She is always with the people who share the problems and find solutions. Queen Menen stretches
her hand for the poor so that all Ethiopians like her very much.

In 1928 when Majesty King of Kings went to the battle filled Empress Menen administered the
people in the capital city.

When the enemy's airplanes came to bomb, queen Menen encouraged the people and worked

In the history of Ethiopia no one has got a chance to get many children & grand children which help
to strength the dynasty except King of Kings Haile Sellassie and Empress Menen.

Perhaps one or two children may belong to the former kings , but they cannot taste how sweet it is
their grand children's effort and success.

Majesty King of Kings Haile Sellassie and Empress Menen, because God blessed, them, during 47
years of marriage years have got many children & grand children. The king and the Queen were
tied with Holy communion. Their children and grand children were engaged in different fobs to
give service for their country. This is special and absolute history for us which we cannot get any

Empress Menen since she came to this world in 1883 for 67 years age accomplished human deeds
and charity. This kindness categorized her into sacred women. Elders, Monks, and priests in the
church are witnesses for their sacred deeds. The writer is also would like to explain her eternal
work by writing her biography in the following chapters.

Yared Gebre Michael

Majesty Empress Menen

"Princess Mrs (Woizero) now Empress Menen was born in March 25, 1883 in Wollo province
Ambassel Region at 'Egua' area from her father 'Jantirar' Asfaw and her Mother 'Woizero' Sehin

She was baptized in St Delba George Church. Her Christian name was 'Wolete Giorgis'. Her name
'Menen' is given for the most beautiful respected ladies.

"Princess 'Woizero' now Empress Menen was grown well be her parents, then she has got
instructor at home like the former Lords' and Dukes' sons and daughters. Empress Menen know
her native language, Amharic the reading and writing skill. Her Amharic teachers were Maduna and
Father Workineh. Beyond academic education she has learnt home economics & spinning as
Ethiopian tradition.

Since she has the best knowledge of house hold management people called her the head of women.

Empress Menen is charming lady and no one can compete with her.

In 1892 she married legally and born 2 daughters and 2 sons. These are "Woizero' Belaynesh,
"Jantiror Asfaw, "Jantirar' Gebre Egziabher and "Woizero' Desta.

In Nov. 5 1903 she started journey from Dessie and reached Nov. 25, 1903 in Addis Ababa. In the
same year in June the then "Dejazmach Teferi" now Majesty Emperor Haile Sellassie I King of Kings
of Ethiopia married her. "lij' Eyasu was responsible and made them a couple. The Wedding
Ceremony was accomplished in the following condition.

Sacred Marriage

His Majesty King of Ethiopia Haile Sellassie was the Governor of Harar.

The bride princess 'Woizero' Menen was in Addis Ababa. The then Dejazmach Teferi Majesty King
of Kings of Ethiopia, Haile Sellassie I sent to Addis Ababa his loyal servant the then Gijazmach now
prince 'Ras' Emiru Haile Sellasse, "Lij' Beshah Wured. "Kegnazmach Gobaw leading other invited
follows with them were sent travelled from Addis Ababa riding horses and mules and reached in
July 23, 1903 in Harar. When they arrived there, Dejazmach Teferi waited them at the place called
Hammaressa near to Harar Kejazmach Teferi was accompanied by his loyal servants and lords to
receive her with respect. In addition to this the Harar army was awaiting to receive the princess
around Awash.

The people of Harar wished for the couple to be like the sacred marriage of Abraham and Sarah.

Gave Birth

22 Jan. 1905 the first daughter princess was born. This princess was baptized at Kombolcha
Mariam and her Christian name is Fikirte Mariam.

She was named by her grand father's mother's name Tenagne Work and called Tenagne Work
Haile Sellassie. Princess Tanagne Work have go many children and become grand mother.

In July 8, 1908 the second son "Duke" was born. This Duke was named by his father Majesty Haile
Sellassie and called Asfa Wosen. He was baptized at Adere Tiko Trinity Church and his Christian
name was give Amha Sellassie.

Princess Menen delivered Prince Asfa Wosen in Harar city. By the time Dejazmach Teferi was in
Addis Ababa. She hug the small baby and travelled to Addis Ababa. When she started her Journey
they reached at Qersa. The next day princess Menen travelled from Qersa to Dire Dawa. From Dire
Dawa they travelled by train to Awash and they reached at Akaki on Sept 1.

Princess Menen reached in Addis Ababa using the 'Faltu' train on Sept 2. They use 'Faltu' train
because the modern train was introduced in the country. Prince Asfa Wosen have got many
children and grand chldren.

In July 18, 1909 the third princess was born.

The princess Christian name is given as Hirute Sellassie. And her name is called princess
Zenebework. The princess died in March 15 1925 having no children.

In Sept. 17, 1909 prince Eyashu was impeached by vote and dejazmach Teferi promoted to the
rank of Ras and became crown prince of Ethiopia. He has got full authority to govern Ethiopia on
behalf of the people and Empress Menen has got a rank of princess.

In Oct. 17, 1909 "Lij' Eyasu was over thrown from his authority of ruling the country. Even though
their grand-father king Michale made civil war since he was at the side of his son Lij Eyasu Michael.
Princess Menen kept her promise with her husband crown prince Ras Teferi Mekonnen and
showed her loyalty helping him up to the end.

In Feb. 4, 1909 Empress Zewditu took over her father's position. Her father was Emperor Menelik

During that time the crown Prince "Ras' Teferi Mekonnen had got gold crown and princess
"Woizero' Menen became Empress also got the rank of princess and gold crown.

In Oct.2, 1912 4th princess was born.

The Christian name of this princess was Wolete Birhan and her name is called princess Tsehay.

Princess Tsehay was kind and willing to help the poor. She died in August 12, 1934 without having
any children.

There was incomplete church by Empress Taitu in 1910 which is found in east Addis Ababa around
Entoto Tigat. Empress Taitu told to Empress Menen to complete it. Keeping her promise Empress
Menen invested a lot of money and constructed the church.

Empress Taitu gave this project to Empress Menen because she knew spiritually that princess
Woizero Menen will be Empress in the future.

In March 16 1915 the "Kidane Mihret"  church started its ceremony.

The church became monastery and called "Hamere Noh'.

Empress Menen gave her estate to the monastery helped those who give service to the church.

This monastery is still a shelter for many Christians. There is holy water near to the church which
people immersed and drink it. People from every corner of Ethiopia give thanks to Empress Menen
for this Holy water.

In March 1915 empress Menen travelled to Jerusalem to visit where Jesus Christ was born. Jesus
Christ preached Christianity and sacrificed himself for the sake of our sin. Empress Menen went to
Jerusalem by train and ship via Djibouti reached in Jerusalem. After she visited every part of
Jerusalem, she went to Egypt to visit holy places. She gave a lot of money to monasteries and came
back to her places.

In October 5, 1916 Empress Menen delivered the fifth prince.

The prince took the name of his grandfather Mekonnen while his Christian name was Araya

Orice Mekonnen the Duke of Harar, passed away in May 4, 1949 after he had five sons.

In May 30, 1916 His Imperial Majesty Haile Sellassie was visiting Europe in order to communicate
Ethiopia with different states.

In May 20, 1908 Majesty Haile Sellassie was saved from the accident of Harmay sea and Empress
Menen was praying wishing that prince crown to come back home safely. Empress Menen gave her
daughter Princess Tenangne Work Haile Sellassie to be married with His Excellency "Ras" Desta
Damtew on Nov 7 1917.

In May 28 1919 Empress Menen donated a big amount of money for the poor's children and freed
slaves to construct schools.

In Oct. 3 1920 her mother "Woizero Sihin passed away in Addis Ababa at the age of 56 years. The
funeral ceremony was at Debre Selam Medhane Alem Church.

In June, 1920, Empress Menen visited Teferi Mekonnen school and donated money after observing
different kinds of handicraft products.

In Sept. 27 1921 His Imperial Majesty Haile Sellassie promoted as Ethiopia King of Kings Prince
crown with full authority celebrated crown ceremony. On this occasion Empress Menen showed
her ability in inviting the invited guests throughout 8 days feasting.

The feasting had historical chapter which cannot be forgotten.

In Nov. 18 1921 Empress Menen went to Djibouti due to health problem and came back on
December 9.

On Feb. 5, 1921 she took king Mechale's dead body from Holeta Genet Kidane Mihret Church to St
Michale Church at Tenta. By the time she accompanied up to Desie and came back to Addis Ababa.

In March 24, 1922 Majesty Empress Zewditu passed away. His Imperial Majesty Haile Sellassie I
took over the crown of his grand father King Menelik II. As a result of this empress Menen has got
also the same chance as her husband promoted.

In Sep. 24. 1923 empress Menen founded a new school for girls near to Genete Loul Palace. This
makes women to be participated in the sphere of knowledge and technology equally with men. In
this school a great number of ladies has got a chance to learn.

Many students got scholarship to foreign countries, this school fulfilled its objective.

In Oct. 23, 1923 (November 2nd 1930!!!!!) His Imperial Majesty Haile Sellassie I King of Kings of
Ethiopia coronated at Menagesha St George Church, he allowed Princess Menen to be Empress and

The invited guests from different countries had got prize of silver medal which had the picture of
King of Kings of Ethiopia Haile Sellassie I and Empress Menen.

Dear invited foreign guests appreciated the beauty of Empress Menen.

In Feb. 20, 1923 Empress Menen delivered the 6th prince. The prince took his Christian name of his
grand father prince Sahile Aba Dina. He was baptized at 'Mekane Sellassie' Church in Addis Ababa.

In Feb.3, 1924 Empress Menen went to Djibouti for visit and came back on February 10 to Addis

"In April 30, 1924 Ethiopian King of government crown prince Prince 'Mered Azmach Asfawosen
married legally with princess Wolete Israel.

In Nov. 11, 1925 she constructed St. Hana Church at Furi on her estate. She gave a lot of acres of
land to priests and deacons of the church. Empress Menen also gave urban land for the residents.

In Sept. 6, 1926 Empress Menen went to sacred land Jerusalem for the 2nd time. After she visited
different Churches and monasteries constructed St. Trinity church for Ethiopians on her account.
She donated a lot of money for the monastery & clergymen and inaugurated the church.

In Oct. 2, 1926 she completed her visit of Jerusalem and came back to Addis Ababa. In May 19,
1926 Empress Menen went to Harar to visit & inaugurate prince's Mekonnen the Duke of Harar of
his being the head prince of Harar.

In 1928 Fascist Italy was prepared to invade Ethiopia. Empress Menen gathered Ethiopian ladies
preparing logistic support, first aid materials and sent to the battle field. She had done her best up
to the end.

Empress Menen disclosed the aggression to World women Association and appealed to all world
nation states. Sept. 13, 1928.

Empress Menen's Speech

"I am pleased to present my speech to all world women.

When Italy conquered our people and country the world women Association supported us to settle
peace and freedom. We are very happy to express our deep feeling for the association.

When I am speaking now in order to be understood to all countries my daughter princess Tsehaye
translated my speech into English language.

Princess Tsehaye made speech as follows.  During this time Italy conquered us difficulty unjustly
and world women should hear their voice.

Even though world women are living in different countries with different climate, all women are
interrelated with the same will and objectives.

War is distress and trouble of mankind, all world women are in different countries, different race,
religion the act of violence and war victimized their husbands, brothers and children. War is a
destruction of the family and can make people immigrant. So women are against war.

We know that all Italian mothers and barren women may worry about the war, since war is good
for nothing. Therefore, all women found in the world should prevent the war before it brings
trouble and distress.  They should collaborate their voice and request to avoid the war before the
bloodshed comes on both sides.
Ethiopia do not think to act the violence conflict, here wish is to maintain peace.  Ethiopia tried to
settle the conflict peacefully in early months.  In every aspect Ethiopia has done here best.  So we
are mentally free.
Ethiopian people welcomed any foreigners, guests who came to work peacefully and innocently,
Ethiopian people good hospitality to foreigners has been narrated in the history of the world.  
However, one state is which is neighbor to Ethiopia is trying to control and govern.  Ethiopia is
always on the line of peace, while the rival state is looking only its own interest.

The enemy deployed its army and based around our country to kill our women's husbands,
children, brothers.  Our people live working peacefully being God fearing but the enemy is trying to
devastate the wealth of the country and destroy our family in the name of modernization.

We pray to God not to face such kind of distress and destruction if the so called modernization
brings a big trouble.

Hence, the association which is established for the purpose of peace by world women may exert
influence to bring peace and stability. We don't hesitate that world women Association may
contribute a lot to settle this conflict peacefully.

We pray to god that the Association to accomplish its mission. We hope the act of the Association
may bring fruitful result to preserve peace and security in our country.  Nonetheless, if the war is
started, we women should treat wounded soldiers and minimize the trouble of the war.

Women who are living all over the world who stand for peace may help us during the war time. We
know that these women assist the sacrified patriot's family.

All women of the world should struggle to bring peace and justice. Government officials may
guided on the line of God, we pray for this and you may collaborate with us."

In Nov. 18 1928 His Imperial Majesty King of Kings Haile Sellassie I went to the north battle field
Empress Menen stayed in Addis Ababa and prepared logistics and sent to the battle field. When the
enemy's plane bombed civilians she advised the people to take care. During planes bombed she
traveled by car in the city to advice and encourage the people with courage. In addition to this she
has been praying waged spiritual war against the enemy.

In April 28, 1928 the Maichew battle field was bombed and devastated by Italian army, Majesty
King of Kings came back to the capital city to give the guide instruction for the rest of the people.
Then he went abroad in order to appeal to the League of Nations. Empress Menen also went to
Europe with him to assist through advice and constructive idea.

From 1928 -1933 (1936 - 1941) they stayed in England in exile. During those trouble years they
were praying day and night. They were felt deep sorrow for the people since the enemy conquered
Ethiopia. Empress Menen stayed with king of kings Majesty Haile Sellassie as an advisor. In 1933
(1941) she has seen the rise of Ethiopia.

In Feb. 12, 1929 the Fascist Italian army led by Graziani' killed children old women and men. When
she heard this news she was felt deep sorrow for the massacred people. she sobbed and pray to
God for this inhuman act.

In April 27, 1933 (May 5th 1941) His Imperial Majesty King of Kings Haile Sellassie I when he
reached the capital city with victory she transferred the following telegram message to His
Imperial Majesty.


I have received a Telegram your Majesty is victorious and entered in the capital, your family
extends congratulations with great pleasure "I extend my greetings to Prince Crown Mekonnen"

After the invader army evacuated from Addis Ababa in Aug. 23, 1933 Empress Menen returned
back hoe by extra ordinary aeroplane with here beloved daughter princess Tsehay. This time
Majesty King of Kings received them at the airport. The residents of Addis Ababa also received
them with deep happiness.

In 1934 Empress Menen went to Wollo province and made speech through princess Tsehay the
following advice.

The Speech of Empress Menen My country's ladies and gentlemen

"First of all I would like to thank the Almighty Lord for which our flag is replaced. Our patriots
came back with a victory staying in the bush for 5 years.

Secondly, any human being may have a great pleasure when he or she join with his/her birth place.
With grace of God I was eager to see my native place Wollo. I am very happy as I am with you after
31 years.
"Next I am very grateful for the people who received me with great pleasure.

"All of you know that this naturally gifted country which is green and different from any African
countries has never been under colony and has been ruled only by its own kings.

"After many trials Italy made propaganda warfare since she can't controlled before. Through this
campaign tried to dismiss our unity and divide our people.

"Is there anybody who did not miss his relative during the war? Some of our citizens were killed by
hoes, spade and machine guns.

"God made it possible that Ethiopia won its enemy quickly. We, the citizens children feel proud
when we see our country freed from any aggression and we are very thankful to Almighty God.

"Ethiopian people have got a good lesson from the past experience which enable us to cooperate
as one mother's children love each other. This made every Ethiopian to struggle for the country's
independence and freedom.    

"You have seen that people without freedom is victim as this was seen during 5 years aggression.
Indeed our people did not hate native rulers as far as they keep the language, custom and tradition
of the people. But Italians tried to rule in a subtle way. During the aggression even though the
enemy killed our people, patriots went to the bush and some went abroad in exile. This situation
surprised the world.

"My native ladies and gentle men of Wollo our country has been free since 3000 years back.
However through the help of England and fierce struggle of its children, we freed our country, the
flag and king for our common motherland Ethiopia. We have to be one and united.

"The prince crown is selected and came up from you, our beloved son prince Meried Azmach Asfa
Wosen is with you. Even though I was separated for 31 years [physically it is impossible to say that
I was living alienated my self from you. I was with you spiritually.

" Our beloved son is your governor. I believe you may be very happy when I tell you this
information. "You may service him loyally and kindly on the other hand he may share your
problem and help you. He may administer you through good Justice - Please, give him advice and
assist him any time.

"Let Good keep our fertile country. Let God make it possible long live to our flag." Here she
completed her speech. At this time ladies & gentlemen of Wollo event children touched their heart
with great happiness by her speech.

In 1934 Empress Menen reconstructed Menen girls' school and made it possible to restart the
academic to the girls.

In Nov. 15, 1934 Empress Menen went to Harar by train and stayed up to Dec. 5 to visit different
parts of Harar. Then after her visit she came back to Addis Ababa, capital city of Ethiopia.

In April 18, 1934 give her daughter princess Teshay Hailu Sellassie to Col. Abiy Abebe who is
promoted now to Brigadier General in legal marriage.

Princess Tsehay died August 12, 1934 without having any children.

In May 26 1934 Empress Menen visited the Ethiopian Women Association. Again she visited
Tensae Birhan schools which is established for the poor children and donated money to strengthen
the school.

In Nov. 11, 1935 Empress Menen after visited Ethiopian women Association and advised how the
association is going to be strengthen.

In July 1, 1935 she inaugurated the handicraft school which is established to work different

In 1935 she gave her estate for the orphans whose fathers and mothers were killed by the enemy.
She opened Siwaswe Birhan school. In this school even blinds are learning how to write and read.

In Oct. 5, 1936 Empress Menen visited Empress Menen school and advised girls in order to study
hard. In Nov. 14, 1936 her beloved children, princess Tenagenework Haile Sellassie and the young
prince Sahle Sellassie came back from England. On this occasion there was invitation in the palace.

In Jan 7, 1937 inaugurated the new Trinity Church. This same day there was a ceremony for the
patriots and princess Tsehay's dead body.

In Feb. 15, 1937 she visited Empress Menen handicraft school in Feb. 3, 1938 princess Mekonnen
the 'Duke' of Harar and princess Sara Gizaw got married legally on crown ceremony.

Empress Menen school progressed and became fruitful. Due to the encrement of large number of
students Empress Menen put the base stone to be built for a new building for 300 girls.

Empress Menen visited Harar province and near areas around it. She also observed different offices
of Dire-Dawa.

In Sept. 24, 1934 she visited Gondar for the first time with Majesty king of kings. They traveled by
an extra ordinary plane. They stayed up to Oct. 7, 1938 visiting Lake 'Tana' Empress Menen
received and talked to ladies of Gondar and donated her money to incourage women.

In July 10, 1939 she sent her crown to Bethlehem church which Jesus Christ was born.

In 1939 Empress Menen allow to be made Gete Semani St. Mary Church at Sebeta which is 23 kms
from Addis Ababa. this modern building was started on her private account.

In March 25, 1940 the St. Mary church at Sebeta completed and inaugurated by her. Empress
Menen gave estate and residence area for priests and deacons of St. Mary church.

May 21, 1940 she visited Empress Menen's school to initiate student on their academic and
handicraft products.

In May 29, 1940 she visited Ambo town and the surrounding area.

In June 22, 1940 Empress Menen went to Harar for visit. She stayed for 12 days and came back July
5 to Addis Ababa.

In Sept. 1, 1941 Majesty king of kings gave instruction to the people that Ethiopians should wear
cultural dress so that the coming generation may follow this as an example. Empress Menen took
initiative to wear cultural dress for the first time in new year.

In 1941, on the Empress Zewditu avenue, Empress Menen gave her estate around ourael ara for
the school which is named by her beloved daughter princess Zenebework.

In Jan. 24, 1941 Empress Menen traveled by an extraordinary plane to Gondar for the second time.
She visited ancient historical places and she donated garments and money for many churches in

In Dec. 15, 1941 Empress Menen visited the new St. Trinity Spiritual school as she is a model for
spiritual deeds.

In 1942 the 14 sacred books of the church were printed by Empress Menen. The number of books
were 3800 which were sold and for 'Sewaswe Berhan' St. Paul school as a donation.

The amount of the money was 19000 from the sales of the books.

Moreover, she gave part of her mothers estate and many houses for the service of the school.

In April 22, 1942 Empress Menen invited was on the inauguration ceremony of Majesty Haile
Sellassie I Bridge. This bridge was built across Abay River for the first time.

In July 8, 1942 Empress Menen went to Yerergota district found in Harar province. She stayed there
up to July 27 and returned back to Addis Ababa. During her stay she donated and talked to the
people of the district.

Empress Menen renewed Gishen church which found in Ambasel Region in Wollo province with
here own account. In addition to this she allowed to construct the difficult road which enables for
old believers to get access to the church.

Empress Menen reconstructed Boru Trinity church which was devastated by Italian aggressors in
Wollo province. She donated Birr 56500.00 from her private account and made the church in
modern building in 1943.

In January 8, 1943 she went to Debrezeit to visit Majesty H. Sellassie of Air Force school. She
observed the war tactic demonstration at Harameda and evaluated the progress of the cadets of air

In Feb. 20, 1943 she was invited guest in the inaugural ceremony of Addis Ababa University college
when it was opened for the first time.

In March 10, 1943 she  inaugurated Gebremariam school, especially the kindergarten building
which is named by princes Azeb Asfa-Wosen.

In June 7, 1943 she visited Empress Menen school and observed the handicrafts output. Empress
Menen encouraged and gave her motherly advice to the students.

Empress Menen visited the school found in Nazareth in May 1, 1944.

In June 17, 1944 again she visited different schools found in Nazareth. In June 26 1944 visited
different schools found in Nazareth. In June 26, 1944 visited patients in princess Tsahay Memorial

In Sept. 24, 1945 she went to Asmara to visits Eritrea after it was converged with the other part of
the country. On her visit the people of Asmara received her warmly. Empress Menen talked to
ladies of Eritrea and donated and gave prize. She stayed up to Oct. 8 in Asmara then she went to
Dessie. She returned back to Addis Ababa on Oct. 18.

In Jan. 14, 1945 she went to Eritrea for the second time and solved different problems.

In April 16, 1945 she is interested to expand the handicraft products, she visited Empress Menen's
school She encouraged the students to keep it up.

In may 1, 1945 she put the base stone which is supposed to be constructed a new church around
Fitawrari. Habte Giorgis area. The name of the church was St. Raguel building which was started by
Empress Menen.

In July 19, 1945 she went to Harar and Dirdawa to visit different official departments. Empress
Menen resolved problems which come up from the people.

Empress Menen went to Eritrea for the 3rd time. She received ladies of Eritrea in her palace. She
assisted finance to ladies and came back Feb. 3, 1945 to Addis Ababa.

In March 16, 1946 she visited the department of handicraft which is established in Empress Menen

Majesty King of Kings went to America in July 16, 1946. As he was invited by President Eisenhower,
Empress Menen celebrated majesty's birthday in Genete Leul Palace.

In August 8, 1946 Empress Menen prayed continuously the first fasting of 'Filseta' in Addis Ababa
and the second fasting in Harar. She donated finance to priests and stayed up to pagumen 4.

In October 23, 1947 Majesty Haile Sellassie as he went to Europe for friendly visit she celebrated
his coronation day nicely.

In Feb. 23, 1947 she awarded certificates to successful graduate nurses in Empress Zewditu

His Imperial Majesty and Empress Menen awarded certificate for youth girls who passed the
examination successfully.

In Feb. 24, 1947 she visited Empress Menen school.

March 23, 1947 Empress Menen visited Nazareth region and its surrounding area.

In June 3, 1947 Empress Menen went to ambo and visited different schools and clinics which are
found Hagere Hiwot.

In July 7, 1947 Empress Menen awarded certificates for successful nurses.

In Oct. 23, 1948 she went to Menagesha St. George church to celebrate the 25th coronation
ceremony. Empress Menen thanked for the Almighty God there.

In Dec. 15, 1948 she went to Massawa by an extraordinary airplane to visit Eritrea for fourth time.
Then she visited some places found between Asmara and Massawa. Empress Menen presented
Christmas gifts for the young ladies of Asmara. She came back to Addis on January 8, 1948.

In January 5, 1948 she visited the nurse school in Asmara which is named by her own name. In this
nursing school many Eritrean young ladies are continuing their education and give services in their

Empress Menen as she is generous, bought the land of the former German mission investing
hundred thousands of Birr. This institution is found at the East of Debre Selam Medhane Alem
church. Empress Menen gathered blind who are orphans around Addis Ababa hired Ethiopian and
foreigner teachers. She also assigned guardians for orphan blinds to facilitate their learning
teaching process.

Moreover, in this school she constructed additional new building paying 200,000 Birr for 100
boarding students. The building was effective from Dec. 30, 1949.

In April 18, 1949 she celebrated the 25th anniversary of Empress Menen school. On this
celebration, there were a lot of people. The school shown progress and gave chance for many girls
to be educated.

On this occasion she extended her message through Teferra work to the gathered people.

His Imperial Majesty King of Kings believed that there is nothing better for the development of
Country's progress and development except education. In this regard on his willingness he built
many schools for boys. But if girls are left behind without having regular education, may have
disadvantage. Therefore, I have opened his school for the merit of girls before 25 years since I
believe girls should learn as boys.

This school was discontinued by the invasion of enemy against Ethiopia while it was process its
own on going objective.  By the grace of God the school resumed its function after the victory. Many
girls have got a chance to be promoted at the higher level of education after graduated in this
school. Many of them are working in the government offices and in private organizations.  If my
country's girls get chance to learn the standard education I hope they can contribute a lot which is
expected from them as their brothers.

There were not more than 50 students before 25 years when the school was opened.  But today
there are about 1300 students. This number is increasing because girls are aware of the advantage
of education I am very happy to see to this progress.

I thank the Almighty God for which I celebrate the 25th of Empress Menen school.  

I thank the director of this school and lady teachers for which they share the problem of the school
and  the progress of the school.

In May 3, 1949 Empress Menen went to Sidamo by extraordinary plane and reached in Awasa for a

May 4, 1949 her beloved son prince Mekonnen the "Duke' of Harar died in accident and she came
back to Addis Ababa by plane. In May 5, 1949 on the funeral ceremony she felt deep sorrow.
Empress Menen was mourned up to pagumen 4, 1949 for the death of her beloved son.


I have tried to write your generosity, kindness. This book may help the future writers as a basic
information. This book may not be complete work of the Empress, but I have tried to mention only
some part of it. I restricted my pen here since the future writers may do complete work on this

Even though, my capability is limited to from 1916 to 1928. April 28 then from 1933 up to now
(1950) I have got chance to see on my naked eyes her kindness and human deeds. Therefore, I am
responsible to transfer this good action for the coming generation and I am very much lucky to
write this chronicle. Empress Menen noticed to His Imperial Majesty King of Kings to excuse for
those who committed mistake and for those have done good deeds for their country to be
promoted and assigned in the government offices.

As she is God fearing Empress, she always prays to God. Every Friday She goes to Mehanealem
Church of St. Mark Church for special praying since Friday is a day which Jesus Christ is crucified
for the sin of all mankind.

Empress Menen except her childhood she gave her life for good deeds she goes to St. Mark church
everyday. She stays up to 9 A.M. praying to god and received monks and nuns came from different
churches and monasteries. Empress Menen also give donation her own money for the
reconstruction of churches.

When she goes to palace from church, received the women who lost their husbands in the war
front and fulfill whatever they demand.

The Author Yared Gebre Michael when he present the book titled "YAFICATSEHAY' (The Sun of
Africa) to Emperor and empress on the occasion of the 64th of His Imperial Majesty King of Kings
Haile Sellassie's birth day. On this occasion he presented also a special newspaper which prepared
by the office.

Empress Menen build many churches and reconstructed like Gishen Mary. Tenta Michael Boru
Trinity, Endelba St. George church etc.

Empress Menen is not praying for herself only but also for the pillar of Ethiopia his Imperial
Majesty Haile Sellassie, for her country Ethiopia, and for the development of the loyal of Ethiopia.

Empress has never alienated from church' 'Wudasie Amlac, 'Seife Selassie Arganon,' St Mary
parrying in gologta. she always reads those books. Empress Menen likes to give attention for
interpreted books the church. This shows how she is far sighted and have bright brain.

Empress Menen let the Orphans to learn who live in the area out of the capital city.

Empress Menen shared problems of the poor and always visit patients in hospitals.

Empress Menen believes man is mortal so that she always shares problems of the people and tries
to solve. Ethiopian people rely on her.

During the five years of Italian invasion many churches were devastated. Empress Menen has been
in a deep sorrow because her beloved children were died.  All Ethiopian people shared her grief
and sympathized her. As she is strong spiritually, Almighty God gave her strength. She passed each
problem patiently. Even though she lost her children she never neglect the country's problem this
is well known by Ethiopian people.

Therefore, Ethiopian people love Empress Menen from the bottom of their heart and share the
happiness and sadness of her.

On the occasion of 67th of her birth day ceremony all Ethiopian people wish the best for Empress.
The whole people expresses the deepest feeling and say happy birthday that His Imperial Majesty
king of kings Haile Sellassie is also with you on the ceremony of your birthday.

Ethiopian people wishes the best for your the coming year may celebrated with your princes and
princesses children.


This Book is published on the 28th of the Reign ceremony of His Imperial Majesty Haile Sellassie I
King of Kings of Ethiopia

First published in Artistic printing Press

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Empress Menen Asfaw
(Baptismal name Walatta
Giyorgis) was the Empress
Empire. She was the wife
of Emperor Haile Selassie.

Menen was born Itege
Menen Asfaw In Ambassel
on April 3, 1891.**
[Magabit 25th 1883
(Ethiopian Calendar),
which is April 3rd 1891
(Gregorian Calendar)]
(She was the daughter of
Asfaw, Jantirar of
Ambassel. Her maternal
grandfather was Negus
Mikael of Wollo and her
uncle was Emperor Iyasu
V (Lij Iyasu).

She married in early
August of 1911. She was
20-years-old and the
future Emperor was very
impressed by her
character and friendly
disposition. Over time,
Empress Menen Asfaw
gave husband, Emperor
Haile Selassie six children;
Princess Tenagnework,
Prince Asfaw Wossen,
Princess Tsehai, Princess
Zenebework, Prince
Makonnen and Prince
Sahle Selassie. When Haile
Selassie became Emperor
of Ethiopia his wife was
crowned Empress
alongside him. As consort,
Empress Menen was very
active and undertook a
number of charitable
duties focused on women,
children and religious
issues. The Empress also
supported numerous
charitable causes for the
poor, the infirm and the

Empress Menen Asfaw
also served as Patroness of
the Ethiopian Red Cross,
and the Ethiopian Women’
s Charitable Organization.
She was also a patroness
of the Jerusalem Society
that arranged for
pilgrimages to the Holy
Land. She founded the
Empress Menen School for
Girls in Addis Ababa, the
first all-girls school which
had both boarding and day
students. She gave
generously from her
personal funds towards
the building of the new
Cathedral of St. Mary of
Zion at Axum but did not
live to see it completed
and dedicated.

Empress Menen Asfaw
died on February 15, 1962,
and was buried in the
imperial crypt at the Holy
Trinity Cathedral.
Prince AmdeTsion Menelik

**Some dates of birth vary**
Shashemene RasTeferi
FB Post ~ April 3, 2017