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The Revised Constitution of The Empire of Ethiopia - 1955
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Chapter VI



The judicial power shall be vested in the courts established by law and shall be exercised by the courts in accordance with the law
and in the name of the Emperor. Except in situations declared in conformity with the provisions of Artical 29 of the present
Constitution, no persons, except those in active military service, may be subjected to trail by military courts.


There shall be a Supreme Imperial Court and such other courts as may be determined by law.


The judges shall be independent in conducting trials and giving judgement in accordance with the law. In the administration of
justice, they submit to no other authority than that of the law.


The judges shall be appointed by the Emperor. They shall be of the highest character and reputation and shall be experienced and
skilled in the law which they may be called upon to apply. Their nomination, appointment, promotion, removal, transfer and
retirement shall be determined by special law governing the Judiciary.


Judges shall sit in public, except that in the cases which might endanger public order or effect morals, they may sit in camera.
Chapter VII
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