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Born in New York city raised in San Diego California. I got
the best from the East and West with flavor to savor. My pen
game wreaks with passion for the truth in Urban Fiction. I
specialize in Urban Fiction Erotica. But I stick my fork in
what feels good to me. I am a big fan and love to read, that is
how it all got started for me. I run a non profit foundation
called Prisons Read Free The Urban Authors Project. I am
also a Poetess. You can check out my Hotations Books and
poetry page or my Hotations page and get your toes wet.
Grantee to feed your mind might make you drink what you
may think. Great poetry takes you to the brink, makes you
Even Jesus Wept!!!

The pain and glory of this pen.
Climbs up out me I never know when???
When the pen is released to do this dance,
she goes into this type of trance.
No longer responsible
for the trouble she causes.
I am subject to the losses.
Hidden treasures yes are displayed.
Leaving the writer vulnerable for days.
So when you ask about my depths.
Just remember even Jesus wept!!!!!
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Poems by Cynthia Rubio
Sprinkle me

I wish this was a casual affair.
As he takes his time I love he don't share.
Every time he lays me down.
I can't move, I don't make a sound.
I'm suspended in a Time.
As he controls my soul, body, and mind.
It's his touch that I can trust.
I don't listen to the words they don't mean much.
The actions that he displays on me.
Got me in a temporary paralysis you see.
I can't move, I can't front.
As he Sprinkles me from taste to touch.
I'm his greatest masterpiece.
As he creates for my release.
He gots me juicy for all days.
He is everything that I crave.
Twitching fingers between my thighs.
Got my body on the rise.
Twirling his tongue and Making Waves.
I'm going to love him till the end of days.
Collecting all my fantasies.
That's right Daddy sprinkle me!!

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The little woman

I am more than the woman you want me to be.
Downplayed throughout history.
The role I play is larger than life.
And through it all I remain nice.
Out of nothing, I create everything.
And yet quietly I remain.
To keep comfort for your shame.
And yet and still you want me to carry your name.
Walk behind you, but not too close.
She is mine is what you will boast.
Mind your manners, wait for your prince.
He will come, only if you submit.
Remember to talk in soft tones.
Stay lady-like or remain alone.
Be a comfort to your man.
It's a role we're born to understand.
And according to you it's God's plan???
But knowing man the way I do.
He has tampered with the Bible too!!
He has made all the rules.
And I am expected to follow through.
I have been called a lot of names.
I answered to Defiant with no shame.
I will always question your Authority.
Because in your mind I am a minority.
The burdens of life weigh heavy on me.
And yet the little woman is all you see.
I've been beating, battered, and raped.
Used and abused year-to-date.
And been told over and over I have to wait.
I am more than the woman you want me to be.
I stand on my credibility.
With the gift the fertility.
More than understanding my ability!!!
I am more than the woman you want me to be.
I am the woman God created me to be........

Source: Hotations FB Post - 14 March 2018 - Retrieved 03-22-2018
Poetic Justice

Let Me Love You like a full verse.
Unrecorded and unrehearsed.
Catching you like thirst.
While I spontaneously burst.
Let Me Love You like you need to be.
Full flavored with seasoning.
Just because you're so appeasing to me.
Let me appreciate the fact.
When you leave you come right back.
And every second that I think I miss.
You replenish with a sweet kiss.
Regurgitating these juices.
Like rain water they got their uses.
You got me under This spell.
As you surround me and your love swells.
I am greater in this world.
Because of you, I bloom.
So the world better make room.
Because I'm going to love you like full verse.
Unrecorded and unrehearsed!! Poetic Justice

Source: Hotations FB Post - 5 March 2018 - Retrieved 03-22-2018
His morning breath

I want to feel his morning breath.
Ever so sweetly across my breast.
I want to hear him whisper my name.
Over, and over without no shame.
His fragrance just appeals to me.
Morning compilation comes easily!
His breath I devour, as he makes me Cowher.
To his manhood, I love his power!!
I want to feel his morning breath.
Putting my love to the test!!
He doesn't know what he does to me.
The chemical reaction comes naturally.
Got me bursting at the seams.
Nothing in this room is as It Seems.
Head spinning all around.
Got my pussy lost and found.
I want to feel his morning breath, nothing more nothing

Source: Hotations FB Post - 4 March 2018 - Retrieved 03-22-2018

I need a love that looks at me,
like the rarest diamond or jewelry.
I want a love that will stay, and greet me in the mornings in
the most special way.
I don't want a man that's going to challenge me.
For his own Petty insecurities.
I want a love that's going to last.
Because I am more than a piece of ass!!!
I want a love that I can see.
That leaves me breathless constantly.
I want a man that will pray for me.
Because he knows that I'm his Queen!!
Worthy of capturing a king!!!
Understanding everything that brings.
He'll send me texts from across the room.
Sneaky smile, "saying I'm going to fuck you soon"!!
"I like the way you look in that dress".
"Got me over here feeling like a mess".
I'm captured in his mind.
Deleting all space and time.
He'll know I'm his gift, and God has answered every wish.
He'll be in love anointed just for me.
Like death he'll be Breathless by the very image of me!!!

Source: Hotations FB Post - 4 March 2018 - Retrieved 03-22-2018
God's plan!!!

Watch me build my legacy.
Brick by Brick it belongs to me.
Everything that I've endured.
Is my confirmation for sure.
Transparent, translucent yes I am.
I'm the same person from way back when.
And I don't want what's not due to me.
And I bear fruit fruitfully.
Earn my keep, so I earned my rights.
I don't want no problems, but I'm not scared of no fight!!!
Whole countries have went to war.
For the Positions in peace that we adore.
But I've come to celebrate.
Because it is time to take my fate.
And I used to be scared of it.
But rehabs is for quitters so I don't quit.
My light shines abundantly.
I summons the Lost ships at sea.
Increation so I create.
My bounty will come because it's my fate.
And in all my knowledge I come to believe.
When God wants you to have it
he'll deliver it through your enemies.
I've been tried, tested, and came out true.
I know who I am, I know what to do.
Legacies are not built in a day.
You pay in blood and there's blood to pay.
I've paid my dues, and here I am.
They can never destroy God's plan!!!

Source: Hotations FB Post - 2 March 2018 - Retrieved 03-22-2018

Phyllis and Diamond crave freedom never being out their
own neighborhood, they want and beg for attention, travel
and excitement. They plan for a road trip after graduation
from high school, stumbling across prostitution on Phyllis’
way home, Phyllis couldn’t believe how easy it was, she has
an epiphany on how to fund their road trip to the unknown.
They meet an array of different charters along their way,
accidentally falling into shark-infested waters when they
meet a family of pimps. Of course being young and new to
the game, they are considered one hot commodity that are
must haves in the game of Pimpin. There bought and sold
unbeknownst to them and let the games begin...

As a family of pimps manipulate and play with there new
young toys, Phyllis and Diamond are soon to find out that
the game that was just so fun, turns into a deadly chase of
deceptions, lies and happily ever after, that will never come.
For as the old saying goes, "The game remains the same it
never changes only the players do". From one catastrophe
to the next, come take a fast past ride that teaches and
explores the oldest profession in the world.

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The sexy beast she seeks

Oh yes I must admit.
Living past all of it.
Not one feeling will be spared.
I'm all about truth or dare.
A timid man will never reach my Peaks.
I am looking for that sexy beast.
That bittersweet release.
Animalistic tendencies.
Catch me is like a disease.
He is hunting this big cat.
On the prowl he's getting that!!!
Just stalking his prey!!
What can I say?
Leaving me vulnerable 4 days.
Catching fade after fade.
And I like it that way.
Beauty pulls the Beast out to play.
And yes he will feast.
Because he's my personal beast.
His sweet appeal, so unreal.
I can't believe what I feel.
Opened up and let me in.
And I feel we going to win.

Source: Hotations FB Post - 26 February 2018 - Retrieved
Get bent

Often misconstrued for the knowledge I lent.
Kindness for weakness they got me bent!
Courage to carry the burden see.
I only want what belongs to me.
People tend to over use.
Take advantage and then abused.
Often forced to defend myself.
All while they try to subtract my wealth.
Chitchat scattered across the board.
Talked about me like a little whore.
Got all these people to know my name.
Umm, umm, umm, what a shame!
I carry the burden like a legacy!!
Because you will never be the end to me.
You trying so hard to dismantle me.
Ain't no fun when the rabbit got the gun G!!!
I'm a credit to myself!!!
And I don't worry about no one else!!!
I got flare, style, and grace!!!
And it's produced all in your face!
It doesn't matter what you sent.
My existence got you bent!!!

Source: Hotations FB Post - 25 February 2018 - Retrieved

I'm a runner, I'm a gunner, when I have to be.
A controversial catastrophe!
Queen of my Throne, I never sit alone.
Protector and keeper I am home grown.
Fortified with Essentials, don't play with me!!!
44 flavors to savor G!!!
Outright Undisputed I am the queen!!!
The bum bitchez you like don't even know what I mean!!!
Renaissance, renaissance
Oh yes I am!!
I am the Mistress of the throne that you can't stand!!!
I worked my way through the fields.
Leading by example something you can't feel!!!
My subjects stay loyal to me!!
Loyalty is all that I breed!!
On the battlefield it is a must.
I have no time for pettiness or lust!!!
It's black and white as simple as that!!!
My king, my Throne, my kids, my home.
Bitch me writing this, is me giving you a bone!!!
I have now just distributed you this game!!!
Get your mind right, you have no one else to blame!!!
I am a true Queen and I share this game.
Life and death is a matter of how you say my name!!

Source: Hotations FB Post - 24 February 2018 - Retrieved
The love he can't shake

In his love is where I want to be.
Adapting to his love phenomenally!!
He is more than a man to me.
His love has that supernatural quality.
I love to listen to his heartbeat.
And all his secrets I'm going to keep.
In essence I am his chance.
In the making for a deeper Romance.
I am shaking with all his moves.
Love so deep I cannot lose.
Breaking the chains from the past.
I need a love that is going to last.
An endless love surrounding me.
It is something astounding to see.
He carries me wherever he goes.
I make him better, I suppose.
Enriched and dipped in the love he makes.
As I scream cuz God makes no mistakes.
Blessed in his caress that is so unreal.
By far I have the Man of Steel!!!
And if I die before I awake.
All my love he will never Shake!!!

Source: Hotations FB Post - 23 February 2018 - Retrieved
The King's virtue

This is something that not many have seen.
I'm saving my virtue for a real King!!!
I have squandered my gifts in the past.
Now I want something that will last.
Wasted time, with so many Joker's!
With absolutely nothing to offer.
Giving back to the end of me.
Turning into the my enemy.
Just another fake friend to me.
Off the chain horrendous you see?
Catching all of this false Pride.
I can no longer device for the salt in his eyes!!!
I'm saving my virtue for a real King.
He'll know what to do and he'll know what to bring.
Something I know he can appreciate.
Because it's his magic that he creates.
I gave away my virtue like a fool.
Now I have extracted the Golden Rule.
Between my thighs continents will rise!!!
Because I finally got a real King by my side!!!

Source: Hotations FB Post - 21 February 2018 - Retrieved
The formality I cannot display.
I feel abnormal everyday!!
Now this ain't about insecurities.
It's about life and what it does to me.
I'm not comfortable every place I go.
Energy transferred will always let you know.
I am vibrant, and full of life!!
Mentality sharp, will cut you like a knife!!!
Now I don't claim to know everything.
But I know my heart, and what it brings!!
I repeat what feels good to me.
I hear the ancient relics when they scream!!!
I walk slower because it is wise.
I can see, without my eyes!!!
I can feel, without a touch!!
Oh my God life has taught me so much...
I dig deeper, for passion sent!!
I know time is borrowed, and sometimes Lent.
I keep pictures in my mind.
Knowing good and well I'm committing a crime!!
If I don't live my life the way it should be!!
Coming of age I can never do.
Because everyday feels brand new!
That's what happens when you're born again.
Loving life like a brand new friend....

Source: Hotations FB Post - 20 February 2018 - Retrieved
Knock knock

My path has been chosen you see.
The path of enlightenment is chosen for me.
Each day is new with discovery.
And every day I'm in a new recovery!!!
Releasing the demons they long to be free!!
While in creation for bigger and better me!!!
Breaking the chains of circumstance.
Wild and Free I'm going to dance!!
With the courage to move on.
While I sing and dance to my own little song.
Enjoying this life with a Brand New Me!
Knowing good and well God gave it to me.
Now the burdens Come Easy.
Because God is loving and pleasing.
And he gives me life.
And I learn to Swerve strife!!
Now I don't knock you for what you believe.
And I believe in the Lord and I am at ease!!!
You can keep the problems of this life!!!
With the power from his love I'm going to be all right!!!
Now I don't knock you for what you believe!!!
But I believe in God and he is a "G"!!

Source: Hotations FB Post - 15 February 2018 - Retrieved
Broken hearts to mend

Now, I can't tell you where or when.
But I can assure you broken hearts do mend!!
It's incredible how it may seem.
But a new heart will be busting from the seams.
And ready to love again!
To recreate and make new friends!
To harvest from the seed.
That only a new love can bring.
Now I've been used up, and play for a fool!!!
Love for me has broken every rule.
I can't deny the nights I've cried.
Living with a false hope and pride.
And yes I died a thousand times.
Broken and shattered, does it matter?
When God repairs it just gets fatter!!
I was the one who said I never love again!!
You want to make God laugh tell him your plans my friend!!
Life is filled with many things.
But you must be ready to receive.
A love lost, is a love that's just been found.
I know it's hard but God will bring you around.
The key is you can love again!!
Just because broken hearts do mend.
And never forget the Golden Rule.
Because love is just like school.
If you can give, learn how to receive.
Giving love is like planting new seeds.
Now I can't tell you where or when.
But I promise broken hearts do mend!!

Source: Hotations FB Post - 14 February 2018 - Retrieved
His discretion, was my lesson.

I heard my name in the streets today.
And I didn't like a thing he had to say!
I hate the fact that I'm the one who's Brand New.
And the fact that I really thought I knew you boo!!!
The Betrayal, was like a stab to my heart!
And I really hate that we arrived at this part....
The fact that you thought you can speak on me.
Is what lead us to this tragedy.
Now I can be Petty, and do the same.
But then I would give power to your name.
And honestly I have more things to do, then to sit around
and talk about you!!
But obviously this is some kind of lesson.
Wrapped in the truth, and a blessing!
It's always hard, the Revelation, you see.
Because I really thought you was a confidant to me!!
Now you was in the street, and I kept you wet!!
You ate at my table, when you wasn't able!!
I gave you the truth, and you telling Fables!!!
The fires that burn through the night!!
Keep me lit, my shit tight!!!
As you Wander from home to home.
Don't worry I will never be alone!!!
Your lack of discretion was my lesson!!
And don't worry I'm not missing a meal!
And the lesson was, you was never real!!!

Source: Hotations FB Post - 12 February 2018 - Retrieved
The Make up!!!

A painted face of who you think I ought to be.
When it takes more than makeup to Define me!
Yes at times I'm filled with glitter and glam!!
But that truly can't Define who I am.
The spiritual realm circles around me.
Guiding my light it's astounding.
Causing a ruckus repealing Injustice.
My balance comes easy, the Gods are pleasing.
As I develop and make my own rules.
Treating my life like a precious Jewel.
Absorbing the myth, I can conquer this.
Strong I stand with or without a man!!!
Goddess in the making, got your little ass shaking!
Because you put a cap on my ceiling. But I keep on revealing
a new and improved me.
From the last time you try to use me.
You can't justify your right, living in my light!!!
That's what you're not going to do!!!
Because I'm an original O.G. Boo!! Conquer tested, and tried.
As I live Pride to the side!!!
Because I understand me, what I am, and what I'm going to
The makeup does not define me......

Source: Hotations FB Post - 2 February 2018 - Retrieved 03-22-2018

I'm encouraged by a wind-blown deep!
Through my body his wind does creeps.
It is such a vibrant display.
I'm going to play with the wind today.
Manifesting unearthly fantasies.
Hearing voices that transcend to me.
Ancient relics with messages to bring.
Blown in by the Wind, song and breeze.
As malevolent as it may sound.
I captured his wind and he drowns.
Absorbing my loves obesity's.
While he takes his time he Feast on me.
I am the delicacy he can't pass up.
Piled on his plate, he can't Get Enough.
I continue to let him gorge on what he needs.
In his wind he carries and distributed seeds.
Blown and dispersed in a soil so deep.
It has grown to its fullest Peak.
Into his wind I do catch up.
I love his love it's so corrupt......

Source: Hotations FB Post - 23 January 2018 - Retrieved 03-22-2018
My balance was challenged!

My balance was challenged.
Yet I did not fall astray.
I will meet and exceed today!
Restoration from the fears.
Just about brought me to tears.
As I persevere with God right here!
His disposition was unmending.
And I just keep on pretending.
That the balance was equal.
Like the church and steeple.
That's right, where's my people?
Cast out without a doubt.
Basically is how this will play out.
Because my balance was challenged.
By a no account with no Talent!!
He says he was just being friendly.
Wonderful cuz I was just pretending.
Doing my best in lending you a clue!!
Now faced with the truth you don't know what to do.
Balance must be restored.
As I close and open up the door.
No longer your little whore!!
Because I was put here to be adorned.
So I cut and slay, living good today.
And I couldn't have it any other way.
Yes, you may have challenged.
But never once did I lose my balance.
Because God built me this way!
Now go outside with the children and play!!!

Source: Hotations FB Post - 18 January 2018 - Retrieved 03-22-2018
Everything I want to be

Every thing I was and am, has to do with the man!
I was weak inside of me, he showed me what he sees.
I was blind to the rules so he showed something new.

There was love inside of me, perfect possibilities!
I was beautiful to the man, I did not understand?
He rationalise what love could be and what he felt
for me.

And as I look into his eyes, I don't see any lies.
Because everything that he sees, is exactly what
I want to be

Source: Hotations FB Post - 1 August 2015 - Retrieved 03-22-2018
The Key to the Kingdom is Queendom

I keep him grounded strategically, Because he is my
foundation honestly. Protector of his Kingdom, his Queen I
will be, he gives me my strength to supersede. He puts the
life inside of me, I am the giver to the life dispersed!
Unrehearsed I give birth to his children and he wills them
out of me. His Logic is multiply, and why not it is but you
and I? Nurturer, Healer, with Logic to spare. He is my King
he keeps me here. He gives me my roots his mother planted
the seed, that he needed to find his Queen in me. The
intuition was given and the Foundation to the Kingdom was
made. The Queen let the King have his way. In his hands the
Healing was felt and the Queen knew there could be no one

Source: Hotations FB Post - 5 July 2015 - Retrieved 03-22-2018
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Nothing is hidden from God's view!...
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