Oneness of Prevention
"Good  health being one of man's priceless possessions."

Nov. 1, 1962 - Haile Selassie I
Together we succeed.
...It is a fact that the very word "hospital" is a symbol of memorial
to the sacrifice made by man for the well-being of his fellow-men.  
This humanitarian and charitable task of helping the ailing and
infirm, of keeping men and women in good health that they may
properly fulfil their civic duties, is indeed a sacred duty of
substantial value to mankind, going beyond all national barriers,
beyond all narrow affinities of race and religion.

It is indeed as a result of this that medical science, springing out
of the love of man for his fellow-men and out of sympathy for his
suffering, has been universally accepted as having no boundaries
nor biases.

Indeed, We can hardly think of a better means to secure mutual
understanding and cultural co-operation among the peoples of the
world, than to labour selflessly and lovingly in the field of medical
service for the relief of those who stand in great need of such

Haile Selassie I
Oct 26, 1957
Dedjazmatch Balcha Hospital
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