It's not hate in our heart for our enemy, but love in our heart for our
Sisters and Brothers that is achieving our vision.

Channeling our energy in finding ways to revenge our enemy is self-defeating
because this diffuses the energy we require to assist our
Sisters and Brothers who are finding The Way.

For those who are not sure how to treat those amongst us, please remember this:
Teach our
Sisters and Brothers, as Almighty GOD teaches us, so we learn His Way,
so that we lose not one!

We, like many of you, are determined to see the betterment of humankind.  
We must first look to ourselves to solve the problems that plague our own before
we can solve the larger problems that plague the world.

We are committed to resolving both.  As the internal conflicts are resolved the
external will also be resolved.

Please join us and many others to live our vision for which we are destined.  It
takes the support of each individual to raise a child, family, and nation.

Let us enjoy the light at the top together!
Our Part
top of the
pyramid could
not exist without
the foundation below it
UCI ~ I See You
Nothing is hidden from God's view!...
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