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Nutrition refers to the food used to feed our bodies.  This includes Sun-light, liquids, solids, and gases.  There are foods with great
nutritional value (e.g., high in protein and fiber, low sodium, low fat, and low carbohydrates) and food with low nutritional value
(e.g., low fiber, high sodium, high in fat, and high carbohydrates).  
Mother's "Milk"
The first nutrition we receive is from our mother.  First, internally from the womb and then externally from our mothers' breasts.  
The natural 'wholistic' nutrition and benefits from our mother cannot be matched by any synthetic substance.
The light from the Sun spawns the growth of  living organisms and enables our illumination.   It cleans the air and water as we
absorb the eternal living energy.
Oxygen "Clean Air"
Environments with minimum pollutants improve and increase productivity and longevity of all living organisms in the
No other liquid is more important than fresh water; which sustains life of all living organisms when kept free of pollutants.  Our
human bodies are hydrated by and consist primarily of water and on average, can only survive 3-4 days without it.  Therefore, to
maximize our productivity in all our activities we must stay sufficiently hydrated with pollutant-free water.
 Coconut water is an
excellent alternative source of hydration as it contains electrolytes and minerals that helps our body strengthen the immune
system and fight off various illnesses.
Vegetables provide critical vitamins and minerals!
Berries are excellent antioxidants!
Herbs provide a variety of uses, such as seasoning, medicinal, and therapeutic!
Fruits are excellent internal cleansers, great sources of energy, supplements, minerals and vitamins!
Grains and Nuts
Grains and nuts are excellent sources of fiber and support regularity of body functions!
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