Chapter I - Part 2
Special Education
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Ethiopian Students Abroad - United Kingdom
Jan. 08, 1951
We are happy to send Our Christmas Greetings to the holiday reunion of Ethiopian students in
Great Britain.

They reach you at a time when Our efforts for the reunion of Eritrea to the Motherland have been
crowned with success, and access to the sea has been opened to Ethiopia.  Since the larger the
number of a people, the less they are vulnerable to aggression, We are proud to know that the
people of a former province once torn away from the Motherland are now restored to Us.  We well
know that you have been brought together during your holidays by reason of the sense of
brotherhood and by loyalty and devotion to your own country.  You all know that the high privilege
of your study abroad has been made possible through Our Government's policy supported by the
individual tax contributions of all Our people.  In ths making your education possible the
permanent rather than the temporary benefit of Our people has been preferred.  You will realize
that their sacrifice has imposed a high trust upon all of you; as for Us We trust that the idea of
repaying the price for the privilege you have been given is in the forefront of your plans for the
future.  You will be able to fulfil this trust if you apply yourselves faithfully to study and pass with
distinction through your higher courses.  Thus you will also be able to apply the knowledge you
are acquiring in your many schools for the benefit of your country and your people.

Wise men have always known the deep and pervading truth that it is better to give than to receive,
for even as it conflicts with selfish and ambitious desires, it moderates and controls them.  Giving
always demands sacrifice.  To overcome the temptation of mere daily comfort and to press
resolutely and patiently forward on the scheduled way are true tests of the high degree of
determination that should bind you together.  Any of you, who may wish to profit himself alone
from the knowledge given him rather than serve others through the knowledge he has gained from
learning, is betraying knowledge and rendering it worthless.  A man's happiness is to make his
brother happy, and to serve his country.  Thus, it is possible to justify for knowledge its high and
deserved place.  For knowledge is power.  If it is not applied property to create, let there be no
doubts, it will destroy.  Education has value as it is established in individuals of good character
with respect for God.  We wish that your destiny shall be embraced in an education firmly based on
good character before men and respect before God.

The education and knowledge you are acquiring in England will enable you to alleviate the
suffering of your country, Ethiopia, if they are enfolded into your minds in harmony with your
country's tradition and character.  Not for you will be their display as mere personal ornament.  
You cannot escape the responsibility of your choice.  You must be worthy of Our hope that you
return with the knowledge and devotion to serve Our country and ameliorate the life of Our People.

Even as the impression of another people is formed from the conduct of a single individual, so are
you all ambassadors of your country.  If you are found to be well-mannered, thoughtful, faithful and
industrious, you make others think well of Us.  But if you become dishonest, arrogant, careless, and
indolent, you discredit Us and yourself, and your conscience will trouble you throughout the rest of
your life.

Your country is awaiting the services of her experienced children.  Since your desire is to
participate in the work which We have planned for the well-being of Ethiopia and for Our people's
prosperity, in sending you this advice, We pray that the Almighty may help you to attain your loyal
and worthy aspirations.
Haile Selassie the First - January 8, 1951