Chapter I - Part 3
General Education
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Tafari Makonnen School - Silver Jubilee
Apr. 27, 1950
... To be able to say that there are one hundred thousand students, one has to start with one.
It is over twenty-five years ago that We had conceived the idea of building this School, but as
everything is bound to be accomplished with man as initiator and God as executor, it was built in
its destined time and formally opened twenty-five years ago.

On this occasion when We celebrate the Silver Jubilee of the Tafari Makonnen School and recall the
struggle We made to overcome the opposing internal political forces that We encountered at the
time when, having the building completed, We were recruiting teachers and gathering students in
order to get the work started, We thank Our God who helped Us to achieve Our aim.

Ever since the day We were elected by God to be the leader of Our beloved Nation, Our
wholehearted desire has been to expand education with which Our people will develop and
guarentee their independence, and since Our accession to the power of leadership, We have put on
this cause Our utmost efforts as much as events permitted.  And this school the Silver Jubilee of
which We are celebrating today, has rendered evident Our desire and effort.

Among those who, in support of Our idea, have helped Us to found this School, We thank all who
are alive and remember those like the late Blattenguetta Hiruy.

There have been gentlemen and ladies who, sharing Our conviction that there is no instrument
better than education for the development of Ethiopia and the welfare of Our Nation, helped Us in
different ways.  Some of them have doen so by inspiring their children to go to school and others
by contributing financially to this cause, to an extent that proved their realization of the benefit of
education.  In this connection, We do not pass without remembering those, for instance, like the
late Dej. Habtemariam Gabregziabier, who sent to the school twenty-three boys together with the
school fees.

The names of the persons who had shown their goodwill to support Our idea and expressed the
love for education were written at the school hall in golden letters on the roll of honour which was
removed by the enemy, and has now been renewed and restituted.

The Tafari Makonnen School started working guided by the internal regulations We had provided
to it, with Dr. Workneh as Principal and a Frenchman called Monsieur Jean Guillion, as Director and
concurrently teacher.  Under them, there were both foreign and Ethiopian teachers for Frence and
English languages and the number of students increased from day to day. ...
After a few years when it was arranged for the pupils of Tafari Makonnen School to receive
examinations sent from schools in Europe, there were many who passed the examinations and
obtained elementary school certificates.  When We were then satisfied with the intelligence of the
Ethiopian pupils and the diligence of the teachers, We were encouraged to double Our efforts.  As
We used to see for Ourselves, whenever We visited the School, their diligence which was resulting
in the advancement of the pupils, We still remember the teachers who were here at that time.

Then We had only these students who proved progressive and diligent in their studies sent abroad
for pursuing their education.  Whereas most of these flowers of youth grown in this School were
destroyed by Italy's massacre, some have been spared by God and are now serving their country.  
But when We thought of sending them abroad for education, there was a great obstacle between
orientation abroad and preparation at home, and the struggle We faced was worse.

But convinced that a nation is seen highly possessed of works of civilization due to its heritage of
refinement from past generations and not as a result of work accomplished in one generation, and
realizing that such heritage demands countless sacrifices, We exerted a great effort in order to
remove current difficulties and to pave the way for the coming generations, and by faith passed the

Moreover, as it was Our desire to improve all possible ways of distributing education to all the
Ethiopian population, there has never been one We have not helped whenever an individual or a
society wished to preach education to the Ethiopians or to open a school.
Other Schools
To Our Programme aimed at enabling the youth of Ethiopia to be prepared for the help of their
country in different professions acquired by education and training, We had reinforced the
establishment of modern systems capable of maintaining law and order, as well as of safeguarding
the security of the country, such as the Regular Army, Police and Air Force, and in general We had
done all to have all systems of public education go hand in hand.

Even though work and time have limited scope to human capacity, We were convinced that by
working with faith, perserverance, firmness and foresight, it was possible to accomplish much.  
And Our efforts have been aided by avoiding arrears of work pending for the coming generations
so  that there might emerge a generation up to date with modern civilization to pursue its current
life, and when We were organizing such a peaceful life for Our Nation, We had secured for it the
international guarantee of peace by joining the League of Nations and signing the Kellog

But there came an enemy who interrupted Our peaceful work of leading Ethiopia to a high
civilization and by invading Our country, destroyed all the products of Our work.  Had it not been
for all the various obstacles which We encountered and which hindered Our work, it is obvious
that the result of Our inititative for the purpose of having Ethiopia combine her ancient civilization
with the modern world progress would have appeared much earlier.  Nevertheless, We thank God
for the kindness We have never missed.

Although it had, following the invasion of the enemy, fallen sick for some time, the Tafari
Makonnen School which We see today as a young school of twenty-five years has, in accordance
with its age, served a generation and is therefore, seen with its head upright.

When We inaugrated this school twenty-five years ago, We extolled the merciful Lord and said :  
"To be able to say that there are one hundred thousand students, one has to start with one."

Today in Ethiopia, there are more than 100,000 students.  Hence, We feel very happy at the
celebration of the 25th year of Tafari Makonnen School, where We have expressed Our wishes and
see that the mercy of God is limitless.

We feel deeply sorry when We recall the memory of the youngsters who were educated at this
school and who sacrificed their lives for the sake of their Emperor and country.  When We turn to
those who are alive and rendering valuable service to their country, including those who are
attending this inauguration as well as those who are on duty in distant places, Our sorrow changes
into happiness.

And you, students, should realize that for the benefit of Ethiopia and for Our Nation, Our most
important work at present is the preparation of educated generations for Ethiopia, and We
fervently hope that you will prove worthy of Our efforts for this purpose.  We thank those who
have been supporting Us in this cause and We strongly ask them to continue their support.
Haile Selassie the First - April 27, 1950