Chapter I - Part 3
General Education
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Teacher Training
Oct. 15, 1962
Since the problem now faced not only by Ethiopia but by the entire world as well as a result of the
shortage of teachers looms large, We feel especial satisfaction in opening teachers' training
schools.  The setting up of training schools for teachers is one of the things that enable a country to
stand on its own feet.

An increase in the number of teachers' training schools as well as the attainment of a stage of
self-sufficiency as regards teachers is a task which We constantly endeavour to achieve and one in
which We have pinned Our hope with respect to Our country's march to improvement and

It is the duty of teachers to direct the thougth and outlook as well as mould the character of their
students.  For this reason, the responsibility of teachers in training student-teachers aimed at the
future progress and development of Our country and the proper upbringing of students could
hardly be underestimated.

In the age in which we are living especially when different philosophies of life are competing
against one another, the responsibility of teachers has been found to be even more exacting.

Your guide should therefore be the postolic saying; study and examine all but choose and follow
the good.  Our forefathers have succeeded in passing down a free and independent people
determined to safeguard its liberty by shedding its blood.  Ethiopia is the country in Africa which
has kept Ge'ez and Amharic with an alphabet of its own.  We have also laid a firm foundation for
the freedom, prestige and happiness of the present generation in the fields of education and
development in accordance with the conditions now existing.

Those who will be serving the people in future should follow this same path in endeavouring to
develop their country and maintain her freedom.  This is one of the main responsibilities of

As it is Our constant concern to produce teachers in abundance and thereby speed up the
educational advancement and progress of Our beloved people, We are very happy to see so many
students in this school being trained as future teachers.

We express Our heart-felt thanks to the United States Government which, having realized Our great
concern for the spread of education, rendered a financial help in the construction of this school.  
Ethiopia and America have a long-standing friendship and this building is one of the many
manifestations of this feeling of friendship, mutual help and co-operation.

We have earlier explained the extent to which the responsibility of teachers go.  You should always
bear in mind that it is your duty to see to it that your country solves the current problem of a
shortage of teachers.  A teacher is no mere instructor of letters; he should be one who has properly
ordered and controlled his manner and character and be an exemplary and who shoulders a heavy
responsibility.  May God the Almighty make you leaders as well as followers.
Haile Selassie the First - October 15, 1962