Chapter II - Part 2
International Cultural Relations
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Nothing is hidden from God's view!...
From the tme that Emperor Haile Selassie I threw open wide the door of Ethiopia's
centuries-old isolation the trend has developed of closer cultural relations with the outside
world.  A principle in the Emperor's outward-looking policy, as enunciated in Modern
Ethiopianism, is to distil from modern-day culture those elements suitable and to blend
them with those retained from the nation's own history and traditions.
Speech To U.S. Astronauts
Sep. 21, 1965
We wish to express our sincere thanks for the message that has been sent by His Excellency
President Johnson.  We thank you also for the kind words you have said abuot our country.  We are
happy to receive you for many reasons; happy because human knowledge, at the present time, is
being extended with the hope that mankind would benefit.

We are confident and sure that the world realizes today that as a result of the investigations and as
a result of the courage you have shown, all humanity is going to benefit.  Of course, it is one thing
for us to be sitting at home and to follow events that are transpiring outside, while with extreme
personal courage and at great personal risk, on behalf of humanity, you were undertaking a feat
that has given you personal satisfaction and brought great honour to the country that you
represent.  As we said, your undertaking for advancement of science and on behalf of human good
can only result in great collaboration of mankind, and as a result of this marvellous feat and
achievement, there should be greater benefit to humanity in general.

It is through men that have dedicated themselves to scientific efforts that the human being has
made so much progress.  And it is because men like you have shown extreme personal courage for
the future good of mankind that mankind has accomplished so much in scientific investigations.  
There is no doubt that through these scientific achievements mankind can advance.  We are sure
the pleasure accruing from what you have accomplished is not solely confined to ourselves.  The
pleasure must naturally go to the people of your country and to Us too.  The result of your
adventurous experiments and works is and admirable contribution from the point of view of all
men who are interested in the advancement and progress of human society.  Your space flight and
subsequent flights that are to be undertaken by men like you give Us confidence in the bright future
of mankind.

We thank you very much for the presents, and please convey our heartfelt congratulations to
President Johnson and all those people who are responsible for this.  Again We would like to take
particular note of your heroism and dedication to the cause of science.
Haile Selassie the First - September 21, 1965