Chapter II - Part 3
Personal Diplomacy
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Speech On Marshal Tito's Visit
Feb. 09, 1970
Your Excellency, Madame Broz,

It give Us great pleasure to receive You here today as guests of Ourself and the Empress.

We are also very pleased to have among Us today Madame Broz, who had not been to Our country
during Your Excellency's first visit to Ethiopia.

Our visit to Yugoslavia and this Your Excellency's second visit to Ethiopia has indeed strengthened
the bond of friendship that exists between our two countries.  And this friendship has so vividly
manifested itself during the last four years in the close co-operation between the two countries in
political, economic and social fields.  In the political aspect, our co-operation and exchange of ideas
on the main issues that had arisen inthe world at large during the last four years, has resulted in
contributing to the preservation of peace.  The great insight that is displayed in the various
messages Your Excellency has sent Us has genuinely convinced Us of the assiduity with which Your
Excellency watches world affairs.

In the technical and economic aspects, Yugoslavia has sent to Ethiopia, in response to Our request,
top class experts whose co-operation with Our experts has shown marvellous results, which has so
concretely reaffirmed Our belief in the friendship between our two countries.  Similarly, in the field
of medicine, in economic planning, in the construction of the Port of Assab, in general in many
aspects of technical assistance and co-operation Yugoslav experts are zealously helping Our
country.  In all this is but a true mark of the profound understanding that exists between the two

Your Excellency, the World notes with admiration the remarkably tireless leadership with which
Your Excellency guides the destiny of Your people both in war and peace.  The long journey which
Your Excellency has just undertaken in visiting several countries, undoubtedly contributes a great
deal creating healthy relations and understanding between peoples, promotes peaceful
co-existence and spreads goodwill and international co-operation.  Furthermore, this Your second
visit to Ethiopia will no doubt consolidate the close co-operation and understanding that exists
between our two countries.  And Your Excellency's indefatigable efforts will, We know, perpetuate
this great friendship....
Haile Selassie the First - February 9, 1970