Chapter III
UCI ~ I See You
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Speech To The First Ethiopian Contingent To The Congo
Jul. 17, 1960
When in Our African Continent, the Republic of Congo celebrated its independence a few weeks
ago, Our delegates were sent to Leopoldville to transmit the message of Our great joy on the happy

Great as was Our joy then, the present situation that was created in the Congo Republic has equally
touched Our heart with deep sorrow.

We had earlier communicated Our readiness and desire to give full aid directed at bringing internal
peace and security to the Congo both with the authorities there and with Mr. Dag Hammarskjoeld,
the United Nations Secretary-General.

Under Our obligation for the Collective Security of the world Our significant role in Korea is only
too well known.

Mr. Dag Hammarskjoeld, in accordance with the Security Council Resolution, has asked Us for
military and air force assistance for the Congo.  As it coincided with Our own wish and desire to
safeguard the unity, independence and internal security of the Congo inasmuch as We uphold the
Charter of the United Nations and have abiding loyalty in the principle of Collective Security, We
have granted the request made to Us and have decided to send you officers and men to fulfil such a
high mission.

We have an unswerving belief that during your stay in the country to which duty has called you,
you will deport yourselves in honour and avoid all acts that may belittle you in the eyes of others,
discharging your duties with kindness and consideration for others in a manner to uphold peace
and the law for the honour of your motherland and your Emperor.

That being a place where it is possible to reveal one's readiness to defend oppression against
Africa, you are invited to represent your country, well known for its pride, showing her love and
courage.  Even when faced with those who do not relent, continue to demonstrate love and
consideration until obliged to resort to self-defence.
Haile Selassie the First - July 17, 1960