Chapter IV
Historic - War and Peace
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Re-Union Anniversary
Sep. 13, 1960
On this historic anniversary of the federation of Eritrea with the motherland the words you have all
uttered are a source of great happiness.

Happiness so signifies different things to different people.  There is happiness that is of a
momentary nature and happiness that lives for ever.  The federation of Eritrea with the motherland
resuscitates in Us a happiness that is not evanescent but everlasting.

Even if an artificial boundary spearated Ethiopia and Eritrea in the days of yore the wishes and
desires of the Eritrean people were never at variance but in concord with the wishes and desires of
the whole people of the motherland.

From the time that We were called upon to guide the destiny of Ethiopia, it has been Our wish and
desire that Eritreans of their own free will share the same opportunities offered to their Ethiopian
brothers, and it is a matter of deep gratification to Us to witness that Our wish has been fulfilled.  
Those who have been ceaselessly struggling to preserve the life and not bring about the death of
Ethiopia and those who have never fallen dupes to the separationist propaganda of alien rule, have
always been in the forefront ready to sacrifice their blood for the freedom and unity of their

During the invasion when death was hovering over Us, We always remember the worthy Eritreans
who fought for their freedom and those who fell on the battlefield for the love of their homeland.

When the artificial boundary was at long last made non-existent and Eritrea was federated with
Ethiopia, the Eritreans, who had never relented from fighting for its freedom in the hours of its trial,
have never ceased to express their love of country and devotion to the motherland.

Both Christians and Moslems in Eritrea, without any religious antagonism, have lived side by side
in harmony with faith in the words We pronounced, assuring Our people: "The country is for all
and religion for the individual," and this has enhanced Our unity and strengthened Our
Government through the spirit of brotherly love.

The love of country shown by the people of Eritrea will benefit not only them but also the whole of
Ethiopia.  Although this good fortune has fallen to be Ours and the achievements speak in Our
name, let Us not forget to express Our gratitude to God who accomplishes everything.

Thanks be to the Almighty who brought Our wishes and desires into a happy realization and made
Us celebrate the New Year in unity.
Haile Selassie the First - September 13, 1960