Chapter V
United Nations International
UCI ~ I See You
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In 1923 His Imperial Majesty, then Regent, and Heir Apparent secured membership of
Ethiopia to the League of Nations.  Although the League abandoned his country to the
aggressor, this did not dampen his faith and belief in International Organizations.  Thus, in
1945, when 50 nations met in San Francisco to establish the United Nations, Ethiopia,
under the Emperor's leadership, was one of them.  He has the distinction of being the only
Head of State that had the unique privilege of having addressed both the League of Nations
and the United Nations.  For His Imperial Majesty the U.N. is considered "Man's last hope" to
maintain and preserve would peace.
United Nations and War Settlement
Sep. 20, 1949
... The League of Nations failed and failed basically because of its inability to prevent
aggression against my country.  But, neither the depth of that failure nor the intervening
catastrophes could dull the perception of the need and the search for peace through Collective
Security.  So it is that here in the United Nations we have dedicated ourselves anew to those
high and indeed essential ideals, essential if the world is to continue on the path of peace ....
On the occasion of the opening of the fourth regular session of the General Assembly, We desire to
convey to you Our earnest wishes for success in your important deliberations.  We have no doubt
that for these vital issues, on which depend the destiny of millions of human beings, you will
endeavour to find just and equitable solutions.  Among these and still long outstanding, is the
settlement of the former Italian colonies.  Needless to say that further delay to settle the question
of the return of Eritrea and Somaliland to Ethiopia will not enhance the confidence of the peoples
of the world and of these territories in particular.  Time and again, it has been clearly demonstrated
that these provinces formed an integral part of Ethiopia but were torn away from her by forces of
aggression.  The fact that these provinces once cut off from their Motherland could not lead an
independent existence is unquestionable.  Consequently, further delay will be of no help but will
contribute to the deterioration of situations that have long been in great need of assistance.  We
trust that you will not fail to reach a just solution to enable the people of these provinces to rejoin
the Motherland, Ethiopia, in the light of the long delayed fulfilment of the aspirations that have
remained unchanged throughout sixty long years of enemy occupation and also in justification of
the great sacrifices during the last World War by the Ethiopian and Allied forces for their liberation
and well-being which otherwise would have been made in vain.  We pray that the Almighty God
enlightens you in this important decision.
Haile Selassie the First - September 20, 1949