Chapter V
United Nations International
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Collective Security
Nov. 02, 1960
.... Although a small nation, Ethiopia is yet intimately concerned with the easing of the tensions
which so unfortunately mar the realm of international relations today.  Throughout Our lifetime,
We have consistently maintained that in the principle of Collective Security rested the best hope
for assuring the peace of the world, and We have given unstintingly Our support to the world
organizations which have been created to assure the application of this principle.  Throughout its
brief existence, the United Nations has justified the faith which We have placed in it, and We shall
continue to be steadfast in our support of the United Nations Organization.

Less than two months ago, a historic session of the United Nations General Assembly was
convened at New York.  At this meeting, seventeen states which had achieved their independence
during the past year, of which sixteen are situated on the African continent, were admitted to this
foremost of international organizations.  This year's General Assembly was attended by the heads
of several of the most prominent world powers, attesting both to the magnitude of the tasks facing
the United Nations as well as to the increasingly crucial role which this Organization is assuming in
world affairs.

Having Ourself laboured unstintingly for the reinforcement of international organizations devoted
to the cause of peace and the strengthening of the principle of Collective Security, We sent a
personal message to the opening session of the General Assembly in which We called upon the
nations gathered there to spare no effort to reach wise and sound decisions designed to solve the
problems which face the world today and to lessen the tensions which separate and divide
nations.  We despatched a delegation headed by Our Deput Prime Minister to this Assembly, and
We maintained constant contact with Our delegation to the end of giving them Our personal
directives.  The United Nations has now taken up its agenda in its component committees, and We
trust that the results of these labours will amply justify the confidence which We and other world
leaders ahave demonstrated in the Organization.

As a sovereign nation, jealous of her independence, Ethiopia has a duty both to her own people and
to the other free peoples of the world to ensure that aggression will be resisted wherever and in
whatever form it is met.  It is today the duty of each state which is dedicated to the cause of peace
to be prepared to fulfil its commitments to the United Nations in defence of the principles of
Collective Security and to stand ready at all times to discharge these obligations.  Ethiopia's armed
forces have, during the past year, been built upo to a high degree of efficiency.  The Imperial
Ethiopian Air Force has now been expanded to include jet fighters, furnished by the United States
of America under its military assistance programme.  Decisions have been reached during the past
year which will result in further expansion of the ground forces of the Imperial Ethiopian Army and
in he provision of additional equipment for Ethiopia's small but growing Navy.  We pray that it may
never be necessary to do battle, but We must, at the same time, be prepared to use these arms in
resisting international aggression should events so require.....
Haile Selassie the First - November 2, 1960