Chapter VIII
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Agriculture Basis of Economy
Nov. 02, 1960
... Agriculture and husbandry are the main economic resources of Our people.  We note with pride
that, based on Our directive of last year, great gains have been made in providing that farmers
should benefit from their toil through the export of their products.  For instance, the statistics
reveal that the coffee export figure for the past year is the highest ever attained in Ethiopia.  
Moreover, there can be no doubt that the recently instituted measures for the cleaning and grading
of grain will result in greater general farm income and will increase Ethiopia's exports....

... Since Ethiopia's economy is predominantly agriculture, agriculture must play a large role in the
plans which have been drawn up, at Our command, for Our Empire's development.  In
implementation of the project which We announced to Our beloved people fourteen months ago
for the stimulation of increased agricultural production, Our representatives have visited each
province of Our Empire and over two million dollars have been made available to Our farmers for
use in expanding and improving their farming activities.  Other measures are being put into effect
designed to encourage and facilitate greater crop yields.  The Ethiopian Grain Corporation has been
established, at Our order, to guarantee to our farmers some degree of security in marketing their
production and to protect them from unpredictable price fluctuations.  Steps are being taken to rid
Ethiopia's farmlands of the plagues which have periodically devastated Our people's crops, and,
with the assistance of the United Nations, an expanded locust control programme is being
Haile Selassie the First - November 2, 1960