Chapter XV
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Opens Haile Selassie I Prize Trust
May 14, 1964
We take great pleasure in witnessing the fulfilment of Our desire to establish an organization
which will award prizes to scholars who make outstanding contributions to the material and
intellectual growth of Ethiopia, Africa and the world at large.

We have established this chartered and completely independent organization by donating Our
personal estates and appointing distinguished officials as Trustees to ensure the promotion and
encouragement of activities and proficiencies of the Ethiopian people in the diversified fields of
Amharic Literature, Fine Arts, Agriculture, Industry, and Humanitarian Activities.

Our desire to encourage outstanding contributions transcends the boundaries of Our Empire.  The
advancement of Ethiopia is not Our sole interest.  The African Research Award and the Empress
Menen Award are therefore intended to provide strong incentives throughout the Continent of
Africa and the world at large.

The recognition of achievements of the highest calibre will not only reward those deserving of
awards but will also generate further creativity and contributions.

Since the responsibilities assigned to this organization are of both national and international
interest and import, it is gratifying to hear that the Prize Trust, new as it is, shows a promising
future and that many nominations and entries from the five continents have been received.

We express Our strong desire that Ethiopians, permanent residents in Ethiopia, Africans
throughout the continent, and scholars concerned with Ethiopian studies and African research will
increasingly avail themselves of the opportunities We have offered by the establishment of the
Prize Trust.

We look forward to the successful completion of your work this year and the announcements of the
award-winners for 1964.

We declare the office building open as of this date.
Haile Selassie the First - May 14, 1964