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Nothing is hidden from God's view!...
excerpts from the book...
African holistic Health
(Third Edition)
by Llaila O. Afrika
The philosophy of holistic health emerges from ancient African roots.  It was the spiritual
umbrella for civilizations cradled by a continent endowed with the richest resources in the
world.  This way of life, however, was interrupted by the imposition of slavery on peoples of
African descent.

In this book terms "Wholistic" and "Holistic" are used interchangeably because they both
represent the science of body, mind and spirit.  Also, dis-ease and disease are used
interchangeably.  When the body is not at ease, it is at dis-ease, which means that the body,
mind, and spirit are ill, even though disease usually means physical illness.

... African civilization did not and has not lacked knowledge.  Ancient Africa was the first
civilization that used its vast knowledge base to master technology and holistic medicine.
During our African Renaissance We will do it again! (added emphasis mine))

...This wholistic concept was a part of African cultures -- cultures that existed before the Sahara
Lake became the Sahara Desert.  The Sahara Lake civilizations and pre-Egypt, pre-Mali,
pre-Shanghai, pre-Timbuctu societies are hidden in ancient religious writing and never
included in African studies.

... Melanin (black color pigment) is obviously most abundant in Blacks.  This melanin aids in
protecting Blacks from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.  It also increases the speed of nerve and
brain messages which are transmitted between the left and right hemispheres of the brain and
all nerve signals transmitted throughout the bodily nerve network.

... European orthodox medicine -- use of synthetic drugs and surgery -- is organized to treat
symptoms.  African medicine was organized wholistically to treat the physical, mental, and
spiritual causes of dis-ease.

...any human who relies totally on machines is reflecting an ignorance and a lack of ability for
wholistic (body, mind, and spirit) development and training.

The thyroid merely reacts to the bodily ill health of the individual.  Illness can be caused by
poor diet, cooked food (plants and flesh), immunosuppressive drugs, and synthetic chemicals.  
Or it is the systematic (general) health of a person that causes this dis-ease (and all others).  
Claude Bernard and Louis Pasteur in the 19th century indicated that an individual who makes
his body dis-eased is more dangerous than any bacteria.

High blood pressure, stress, and hypertension are usually caused by a lack of proper nutrition.  
Improper nutrition weakens the internal organs, immune system, and lowers the organs'
abilities to utilize nutrients which feed the body.  The body begins to starve because the loss of
proper nutrients creates a nutritional debt.  Consequently, the body demands more food
(nutrients in the blood) by drawing on poor (below-nutrient-level) blood.  In order to increase
the blood supply the body begins to increase the pressure.  The increase in pressure is the
body's attempt to feed itself.

...The Blacks who stay close to their original societal structure diet are nutritionally balanced.  
They abide by their holistic culture and keep tribal organizations and the diversified crop
rotation farming.  Further, these blacks rotate crops by burning out small areas in the forest for
agriculture, thus shifting soil nutrients for their crops.  They cultivate plantains, bananas,
cassava sprouts, medicinal herbs, yams, potatoes, millet, corn, rice sorghum, oleaginous and
indigenous plants of the forest.

... The exploitation of the land of Africa for quick easy profits caused Africa to weaken, along
with the importation of European diseases.  Thus, the European invasion was quickened and
devastated a land and its people.

... The plantation farming system requires destroying the naturally occurring plant balanced
flora and fauna and the destruction of the natural food crops' ecological systems.

...The world population did not produce starvation.  Starvation is produced by land
exploitation.  This exploitation is result of governments, businesses, and individuals that
control vast amounts of land which contribute to a shortage of individual ownership.

Disclaimer:  The information contained in this book is expressed as the author's opinion based on
extensive research he has conducted.  However, this information is not intended to be used as a
medical diagnosis or prescription for any physical or mental ailments.  Anyone seeking medical
advice should personally meet with a qualified health practitioner.