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All titles below are recommended readings to further knowledge and
Books containing content focused on spiritual enlightenment
Afrikan Genesis
Ishakamusa Barashango
Afrikan Woman the Original Guardian Angel
Ishakamusa Barashango
An Afrocentric Guide to Spiritual Union
Ra Un Nefer Amen
Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ
by Levi
Christianity Before Christ
John G. Jackson
The Church of Haile Selassie I Divine Liturgy
Ammanuel Foxe
The Egyptian Book of the Dead
Gerald Massey
ENOCH The Ethiopian
Indus Khamit Kush
The Ethiopic Book of He'nok
God, the Bible and the Black Man's Destiny
Ishakamusa Barashango
God, The Black Man and Truth
Ben Ammi
The Hidden Properties of Matter
Dr. Muata Abhaya Ashby
Holy Bible 'The Original African Heritage
Study Bible'
James C. Winston Publishing
I Am Michael Love Everliving
I Thought Christianity was a White Man's
Religion until I met Christ
Derek Grier
itations of jamaica and i
Mihlawhdh Faristzaddi
King of Kings
Qädamawi Haile Selassie
Out of Africa
Metu Neter
Ra Un Nefer Amen
The Mystery of Melchisedec
Stephen Everett Jr.
Rastalogy - Part 1
Ammanuel Foxe
Rastalogy - Part 2
Ammanuel Foxe
Secret Doctrine
Ammanuel Foxe
The Secret of the Ages
Robert Collier
The Testimony of His Imperial Majesty
Emperor Haile Selassie I Defender of The
Karl Phillpotts Naphtali
The Wise Mind of Emperor Haile Selassie I
Edited and Foreword by HIH
Prince Ermias Sahle Selassie
The following books contain content focused on physical well-being
African holistic Health
Llaila O. Afrika
African Philosophy - An Anthology
Edited by Emmanuel
Chukwudi Eze
Basic Herbs for Health and Healing
Rashan Abdul Hakim
(a.k.a. Ruddy Duckett)
Breastfeeding for African American Women
U.S. Department of Health and
Human Services &
Breastfeeding Alliance, Inc.
Eat to Live
Elijah Muhammad
The Healing Miracles of Coconut Oil
Bruce Fife, N.D., Foreword by
Jon J. Kabara, Ph.D.
The Rasta Cookbook
Recipes compiled by Laura
The African Background to Medical Sciences
Dr Charles S. Finch, III
The following books contain content focused on mental enlightenment
A Black Parent's Handbook To Educating Your
Children (Outside of the Classroom)
Baruti K. Kafele
A History of Ethiopia
Harold G. Marcus
A Journey from A to Z
Cynthia "Lady Rose" Roberson
African Names Book (From those home to
those abroad)
Black Star Line, Inc.
African Union Handbook - 2014
African Union Commission
The African Origin of Civilization ‘Myth or
Cheikh Anta Diop
Molefi Kete Asante
Ancient Egypt & Black Africa
Theophile Obenga
The Audacity of Hope
Barack Obama
The Autobiography of A Runaway Slave
The Autobiography of Emperor Haile Sellassie
‘My Life And Ethiopia’s Progress 1892-1937’
Volume One
Translated and annotated by
Edward Ullendorff
The Autobiography of Emperor Haile Selassie
I Kings of Kings and Lord of Lords
My Life and Ethiopia's Progress Volume Two:
Addis Abeba 1966 E.C.  
Edited and Annotated by
Harold Marcus with Ezekiel
Gebissa and Tibebe Eshete
The Best Kind of Loving ( A Black Woman's
Guide to Finding Intimacy)
Dr. Gwendolyn Goldsby Grant
The Biography of Empress Menen
The Mother of the Ethiopian Nation
Anjahli Parnell ~ Roots
Black Africa The Economic and Cultural Basis
for a Federated State
Cheikh Anta Diop
BLACK feeling BLACK talk BLACK judgement
poems by Nikki Giovanni
Black Labor, White Wealth: A Search for
Power and Economic Justice”
Dr. Claud Anderson
Black Student's Guide to Goal Setting
Baruti K. Kafele
Blackmen: Obsolete, Single, Dangerous
Haki Madhubuti
Catch A Fire The Life of Bob Marley
Timothy White
Coming of Age: African American Male
Paul Hill, Jr.
Confusion By Any Other Name: Essays
Exploring the Negative Impact of The
Blackman's Guide to Understanding the
Haki R. Madhubuti, CynthiaM.
Blair, Vivian Gordon, Beverly
Guy-Sheftall, Bakari Kitwana,
Christine L. Minor, Lois Smith
Owens, Gloria Wade-Gayles,
Kalamu ya Salaam
The Coronation of H.I.M. Emperor Haile
Sellassie I
Research Associates and
Frontline Distribution
Cultural Unity of Black Africa (Hardcover  –
September, 1959)
Cheikh Anta Diop
Daughters of Africa
Edited and with an
Introduction by Margaret
Death Blossoms Reflections From a Prisoner
of Conscience
Mumia Abu-Jamal
The Destruction of Black Civilization
Chancellor Williams
Dreams from My Father
Barack Obama
The Drummer's Path Moving the Spirit with
Ritual and Traditional Drumming
Sule Greg Wilson
The Emperor
Ryszard Kapuscinski
Enemies: The Clash of Races
Haki Madhubuti
Ethiopia and the Missing Link in African
Sterling M. Means
Ethiopia and the Origin of Civilization
John G. Jackson
ETHIOPIC An African Writing System  
(Its History and Principles)
Ayele Bekerie
Misty Copeland, Illustrations
by Christopher Myers
From Babylon to Rastafari ‘Origin and History
of the Rastafarian movement’
Douglas R.A. Mack
From The Browder File
Anthony T. Browder
The Gospel of Haile Selassie I
Ernest L. Knight, II
Grandpa’s Face
Eloise Greenfield
Marcus Garvey
A History of Ethiopia
Harold G. Marcus
How Europe Underdeveloped Africa
Walter G. Rodney
Introduction to African Civilizations
John G. Jackson
The Isis Papers
Dr. Francess Cress Welsing
JAHUG_1991 ~ Centenary
JAHUG By Order of the
Nyahbinghi in Exaltation of
Jah Rastafari Centenary of Ras
Tafari 23 Jul. 1892 - 23 Jul.
JAHUG_1992 ~ Nyahbinghi
JAHUG ‘Nyahbinghi Order
Theocracy Reign’ – Vol. 2
The Jewish Onslaught Dispatches From the
Wellesley Battlefront
Tony Martin
The Journey of the Songhai People
Robinson, Battle and Robinson
Kebra Negast
Miguel F. Brooks
King of Kings The Triumph and Tragedy of
Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia
Asfa-Wossen Asserate
life in motion an unlikely ballerina
Misty Copeland
The Lion of Judah in the New World
Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia and the
Shaping of American's Attitudes towards Africa
The Maroons of Jamaica 1655 - 1796
Mavis C. Campbell
Message to the Blackman
Elijah Muhammad
Message To The People
Marcus Garvey
The Mis-Education of the Negro
Carter G. Woodson
The Negro Heritage Library
Emerging African Nations and Their Leaders
edited by Lancelot Evans
NEGUS Majestic Tradition of Ethiopia
Miguel F. Brooks
Nelson Mandela Conversations with Myself
Forward by President Barack
Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization
Anthony T. Browder
The Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus
Amy Jacques Garvey
The Promised Key
The Rt. Hon. Leonard Percival
Rasta and Resistance (from Marcus Garvey to
Walter Rodney)
Horace Campbell
Tracy Nicholas/Bill Sparrow
Rastafari over illuminati: Conspiracy Against
Haile Selassie
Ras Jon Far I
Rastafari ‘The New Creation’
Barbara Makeda Blake Hannah
The Re-Birth of African Civilization
Dr. Chancellor Williams
The Real Facts about Ethiopia
J.A. Rogers
A Salute to Black Civil Right Leaders
Satisfying The Black Woman Sexually
Dr. Rosie Milligan
The Science  of Melanin  ‘Dispelling The
T. Owens Moore, Ph.D.
Sister to Sister
Suzan D. Johnson Cook, Editor
Stolen Legacy
George G. M. James
The Temple of Mut in Asher
Margaret Benson and Janet
The Testimony of His Imperial Majesty
Emperor Haile Selassie I
Karl Phillpotts Naphtali
Things Fall Apart
Chinua Achebe
To Be a Slave
Julius Lester
To Be Popular or Smart: The Black Peer Group
Jawanza Kunjufu
The Treasures of Ancient Egypt
The Collection of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo
Edited by Alessandro
Bongioanni and Maria Sole
Tried & True: Revelations of a Rebellious
Dutty Bookman
Up From Slavery
Booker T. Washington
Visions for Black Men
Na'im Akbar
The Wisdom of Rastafari
by Rastifarian Group
Selamata: Books on Ethiopia
The following books contain content focused on mental well being
Half of a Yellow Sun
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
The Judas Factor
Talon of God
Wesley Snipes & Ray Norman
Wild Seed
Octavia E. Butler
Nothing is hidden from God's view!...
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