The Destruction of Black Civilization
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The Destruction of Black Civilization
Great Issues of a Race from 4500 B.C. to 2000 A.D.
by Chancellor Williams
To the Black youth of the Nineteen Sixties for Beginning the Second Great Emancipation - the
Liberation of Our Minds and thus Changing the Course of History.


...the ancient Ethiopian Empire, a federation of autonomous and semi-autonomous kingdoms.  
The study began here, importantly, because this was the heartland of the African race where
evidence of that first black civilization is still to be found despite all centuries of efforts to
destroy it.

...A continent-wide study of the traditional customary laws of the Blacks, for example, enabled
us to learn, for the first time, that a single constitutional system prevailed throughout all Black
Africa, just as though the whole race, regardless of the countless patterns, lived under a single
government.  A similar continent-wide study of African social and economic systems through
the millenniums reveal the same overall pattern of unity and sameness of all fundamental

Ethiopia's Oldest Daughter: Egypt

The Great Deception

Egypt, as pointed out before, was the North-Eastern region of ancient Ethiopia.

...This northern sector of the Ethiopian Empire had been the object of world attention from the
earliest times.

...Africans in the Nile delta and valley, the areas with the richest soil in the Empire.  The great
agricultural system that was developed along the overflowing Nile was one of the sources of
the wealth to support the great cultural advances...

...highly advanced African civilization in Upper Egypt and southwards to the "Land of the Gods."

...the Chief or "King" was the chief representative
*"The Christ"* of the people before God and
man, and at once the personifications of the people's dignity and the instrument for carrying
out their will.

...the African constitutional system of real self-government by the people through their
representatives, the Council of Elders.  ...the Chief Elder, or Chief, was also the Chief Priest...

There was, therefore, a record left written in stone, a record that tells the story of Blacks who
were building a highly developed civilization in Southern Africa during the same ancient period
their brothers were amazing the world by there advances in Northern Ethiopia (Egypt) and its
southern region (Sudan).

The Black World at the Crossroads

...For people with little or no money, barter and exchange are the first steps toward economic
salvation, the bases for capital formation.  Increased food production should be seen as for
both wealth and health. ...

...The foundation for everything we do or wish to do is economic - a word that simply means
wealth enough to be really independent and having the means to do what must be done.

The only hope for the kind of racial unity that will really liberate the Blacks in America and
command the respect of the world will be a new kind of mass organization on a scale with an
action program never before attempted.  This will require a new kind of leadership, a
leadership with the single purpose of helping the masses up towards a better life.

* emphasis mine.