Things Fall Apart
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Things Fall Apart
by Chinua Achebe
First published in England in 1958, THINGS FALL APART is Chinua Achebe's first and most
famous novel, a classic of modern African writing.  It is the story of a "strong" man whose life is
dominated by fear and anger, a powerful and moving narrative that critics have compared with
classic Greek tragedy.  Written with remarkable economy and subtle irony, it is uniquely and
richly African and at the same time reveals Achebe's keen awareness of the human qualities
common to men of all times and places.

THINGS FALL APART is no less successful as a social document, dramatizing traditional Ibo life
in its first encounter with colonialism and Christianty at the turn of this century.  Set in an Ibo
village in Nigeria, the novel vividly recreates pre-Christian tribal life and shows how the
coming of the white man led to the breaking up of the old ways.