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Stolen Legacy
Greek Philosophy Is Stolen Egyptian Philosophy
by George G.M. James
"... the book is an attempt to show that the true authors of Greek philosophy were not the
Greeks, but the people of North Africa, commonly called the Egyptians; and the praise and
honor falsely given to the Greeks for centuries belong to the people of North Africa, and
therefore to the African continent.  Consequently, this theft of the African legacy by the Greeks
led to the erroneous world opinion that the African Continent has made no contribution to
civilization and that its people are naturally backward.  This is the misrepresentation that has
become the basis of race prejudice, which has affected all people of color."

... The ancient Egyptians had developed a very complex religious system, called the Mysteries,
which was also the first system of salvation. ...The Egyptian Mystery System was also a Secret
Order, and membership was gained by initiation and a pledge to secrecy.

... The earliest theory of salvation is the Egyptian theory.  The Egyptian Mystery System had as
its most important object, the deification of man, and taught that the soul of man if liberated
from its bodily fetters, could enable him to become godlike and see the Gods in this life and
attain the beatific vision and hold communion with the Immortals (Ancient Mysteries, C.H. Vail,
P. 25)

... The abolition of the Egyptian Mysteries was to create an opportunity for the adoption of
Christianity.  This was the problem:  the Roman government felt that Egypt was now
conquered in arms and reduced to her knees, but in order to make the conquest complete, it
would be necessary to abolish the Mysteries which still controlled the religious mind of the
ancient world.  There must be a New World Religion to take the place of the Egyptian religion.  
This New Religion, which should take the place of the Mysteries, must be equally powerful and
universal, an consequently everything possible must be done in order to promote its interests.  
This explains the rapid growth of Christianity following Justinian's Edict of toleration.