The Rasta Cookbook
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The Rasta Cookbook
Recipes compiled by Laura Osborne
The state of being at one with nature, being at peace with oneself, with all the things around us
is of the highest states. This is the natural high, and as it derives in music and chant, so it
derives in good health and vitality, in the nature of the food we eat, the fruits and vegetables,
the spices and the herbs.

... In Rasta cooking the natural flavour of each disk is embellished though the use of spices and
herbs which compliment the natural essence of the ingredients.  All care should be taken to
preserve the natural purity of ingredients used in the preparation of 'Ital' food.  This caring
should extend from the preparation and serving, to eating.

... The most widely used herb is marijuana, use of which is prohibited by law in the UK and a
number of other countries.  It is, however, the strongest of the herbs, and in the tradition of the
Rastafari unlimited by dish.  It sweetens and embellishes all, baked, boiled, fried or stewed.

The spirit of Rasta is everywhere.

... Where better to halt the destruction but at the point where the body interfaces with nature,
with the food we eat.

... "You are what you eat" this is the core of the philosophy on which the Rastafari base their
eating habits and cuisine.  This book presents for the first time in print, a mouthwatering
collection of recipes, the best of Rasta cooking.

The cultural and religious basis of the cuisine are explained in full.  A review of tropical fruits
and vegetables is given and long with this, vital information on where, how to get and how to
prepare the ingredients for this exotic cuisine.