The African Origin Of Civilization
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The African Origin Of Civilization
Myth or Reality
by Cheikh Anta Diop
page 56:  ...The human race must  have been considered there as spontaneous, having been
born in the upper areas of Ethiopia where the two sources of life -- heat and humidity -- are
ever present.  It is also in this region that the first glimmerings of history reveal the origin of
societies and the primitive home of civilization.  In the earliest Antiquity, before the ordinary
calculations of history, a social organization appears, fully structured, with its religion, laws
and institutions.  The Ethiopians boasted of having been the first to establish worship of the
divinity and the use of sacrifices.  There, too, the torch of science and the arts was probably
first lighted.  To this people we must attribute the origin of sculpture, the use of written
symbols, in short, the start of all the developments that make up an advanced civilization.

page 71:  ...The Egyptians seem quite early to have lost the memory of their beginnings.  Did
they come from Central Africa or from the interior of Asia?  According to the almost unanimous
testimony of the ancient historians, they belonged to an African race which, first established in

on the Middle Nile, gradually came down toward the sea, following the course of the

page 140:  ...A dynamic, modern contact with Egyptian Antiquity would enable Blacks to
discover increasingly each day the intimate relationship between all Blacks of the continent
and the mother Nile Valley.  By this dynamic contact, the Negro will be convinced that these
temples, these forests of columns, these pyramids, these colossi, these bas-reliefs,
mathematics, medicine, and all this science, are indeed the work of his ancestors and that he
has a right and a duty to claim this heritage.

page 230:   According to the unanimous testimony of the Ancients, first the Ethiopians and then
the Egyptians created and raised to an extraordinary  stage of development all the elements of
civilization, while other peoples especially the Eurasians, were still deep in barbarism.