An Afrocentric Guide to A Spiritual Union
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Nothing is hidden from God's view!...
excerpts from the book...
An Afrocentric Guide to A Spiritual Union
by Ra Un Nefer Amen
"True Love is giving seeking nothing in return"

The family is the embryo of society and civilization.  It is the place where we find man in
his/her most formative and moldable state of being.  There is no other place -- not even church,
or school -- that can equal or better the opportunity and conditions for shaping the behavior of
the individual into a harmonious member of society, and civilization.

As an opposite way of life, we will find that the African perspective is holistic in nature.  The
principles of Religion, to be valid, have to agree with those of Science, of Philosophy, of
Government, etc.

An important aspect of African philosophy is the belief -- from empirical evidence -- that man's
life precedes and survives beyond the existence of his physical body, which is merely the tool
that allows man experience in the physical.  Man, from the African perspective, is essentially a
spiritual being.

The most important points to note from the African Kamitic understanding of the spirit is the
arrangement of its various parts in a hierarchical order.  This means that the higher functions
control the lower ones, and that the higher the division of the spirit we function out of, the less
evil there will be to our behavior.

"..., African, societies concentrated on the graduated awakening and development (initiation) of
the higher divisions of the spirit."...  The meditations and rituals used in the initiation process is
analogous to exercise and physical activity for the body.

It seems that while nature will evolve man up to the lower third of the spirit, the rest is up to
his own efforts of spiritual cultivation (culture).

Fortunately for the truth, and black people's self-esteem, pride, and human dignity, which
depend, as will all other people, on the recognition of their heritage, there is incontrovertible
evidence to the fact that the great Queen-Mother Aames Nefertari was a black (Negro) person,
as were 99% of all legitimate queens, and about 95% of all kings of Egypt.

Ignorance is what's killing us, and nothing contributes worse to the problem than hiding the
source of enlightenment.

...  It is hoped that all readers will find the material presented in this work, of assistance in the
great work of rebuilding the family.  It is the embryo of civilization.  Without it, there will be no
civilization.  Keep it alive, keep it alive.

One Love