Kebra Nagast
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Nothing is hidden from God's view!...
excerpts from the book...
Kebra Nagast
(The Glory Of Kings) The True Ark Of The Covenant
Translated & Edited by Miguel F. Brooks

To the memory of the great Prophet, Visionary, Philosopher and Liberator, The Rt. Excellent
Marcus Mosiah Garvey, National Hero of Jamaica and eminent champion of the Black Race, for
he strove mightily that every man's dignity be recognized.

One God, One Aim, One Destiny.
...the book proves:

1.  That the lawful kings of Ethiopia were descended from Solomon, King of Israel.

2.  That the Tabernacle of the Law of God, the Ark of the Covenant, was brought from Jerusalem
to Aksum by Menyelek, Solomon's firstborn son.

3. That the God of Israel transferred His place of abode on earth from Jerusalem to Aksum, the
ecclesiastical capital of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is a unique phenomenon in Africa for, along with Egypt, it is one of the two African
nations that can trace its history into antiquity; but while Egypt became more and more
alienated from its ancient culture owing to successive conquests, Ethiopia retained its original
character, and has been able to preserve and to perfect an enduring culture born of the ancient
encounter and the gradual fusion of two equally gifted peoples: the Cushites - who were most
likely indigenous - and Semetic tribes who may have emigrated from Arabia.

The KEBRA NAGAST, or the Book of the Glory of Kings of Ethiopia, has been in existence for at
least a thousand years, and contains the true history of the origin of the Solomonic line of kings
in Ethiopia.  It is regarded as the ultimate authority on the history of the conversion of the
Ethiopians from the worship of the sun, moon, and stars to that of the Lord God of Israel.

...Menyelek II ..."We are a people who defends itself not only by the force of arms, but also by
the authority of its writings; and upon its traditions and history resides the strength of the
kingdom.  Myself as Emperor, and all subjects of the realm, agree that this book be translated
into the French language, and thus bring to the knowledge of the peoples of the world that we
are the custodians of God's Covenant through the treasures that he has bestowed upon us.  By
this it will be understood that God's aid shall always be with us, to deliver us from the enemies
who attack us."

During the persecutions of the Christians in Egypt and in Ethiopia by the Muslims, in the tenth,
eleventh and twelfth centuries, many churches, monasteries and their libraries of manuscripts
perished.  However, the Solomonic kings, who settled in the province of Shoa during the period
of the Zagwe domination, managed to preserve chronological and genealogical records of their
ancestry along with other historical documents that contained the annals of their predecessors.

The KEBRA NAGAST was also intended to make the people of Ethiopia realize that their
country was specially chosen by God to be the new home of the Spiritual and Heavenly Zion.  
This Zion existed originally in an immaterial form in heaven, where it was the habitation of
God.  When Solomon finished building the Temple of God, Zion was established there, in the
Holy of Holies, and from it God made known His commands when He visited the Temple.  It
was at all times regarded to be the visible emblem of God Almighty and the material duplicate
of the immaterial Zion in heaven.

...If the heavenly Zion had not put on the flesh of Adam, then God the Word would not have
appeared and our salvation would not have taken place.

And God held converse with Abram, and said unto him: "Fear thou not.  From this day thou art
My servant, and I will establish My Covenant with thee and with thy seed after thee, and I will
multiply thy seed, and I will magnify thy name exceedingly.  And I will bring down the
Tabernacle of My Covenant upon the earth seven generations after thee, and it shall go round
about with thy seed, and shall be salvation unto thy race; and afterwards I will send My Word
for the salvation of Adam and his sons for ever.

...unto David will I give seed in her, and upon the earth one who shall become king, and in the
heavens one from his seed shall reign
in the flesh upon the throne of the Godhead.

For God gave unto the seed of Shem glory because of the blessing of their father Noah.  The
Emperor of Rome is the son of Solomon, and the Emperor of Ethiopia is the first-born and the
eldest son of Solomon.

At that time there was a law in the country of Ethiopia that only a woman should reign, and
that she must be a virgin who has never known man, but the Queen had said unto Solomon:
"Henceforward a man who is of thy seed shall reign, and a woman shall nevermore reign in
Ethiopia; only seed of thine shall reign and his seed after him from generation to generation.

From this time forth the law and wisdom and understanding shall be given unto them.