Tried & True
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Tried & True
Revelations of a Rebellious Youth
by Dutty Bookman
What you are about to read is really a long story, short.  It is a chronicle outlining the
challenges faced by a young man who genuinely wanted to increase social justice, and it tells of
his advances and setbacks along the way.  It is about a young man who self-actualized and
discovered his role during a process of reconnecting with his indigenous culture.  You will
come to the realization that he tried his best to improve the human condition and he constantly
sought the truth so that he could reflect it in turn.  He tried to accomplish an ideal while staying
true to himself.

As you read this man's story, know that he is I and any biases are my own.  Accept my words in
relation to your reality, for one man cannot know the fullness of this revolution with which we
are all involved.  I know what I need to know to do my task and so must you.  Observe your
signs keenly, interpret them wisely and follow them with the most positive intentions.  I wish
you many blessings along your journey.

Dutty Bookman