Afrikan Woman the Original Guardian Angel
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Nothing is hidden from God's view!...
excerpts from the book...
Afrikan Woman the Original Guardian Angel
by Ishakamusa Barashango
... In terms of historical reality, all religious symbols, i.e., the cross, the star and the crescent,
the star of David, etc., can be traced back to the Black Woman's body because she was once
regarded by the ancients as the supreme divine vessel of life.

... One of the main themes that keeps emerging during our research and studies in the various
disciplines of Afrikanology is the irrefutable fact that without the joys of the feminine gender
the world would self-destruct.  Of course, most men can appreciate this on a physical level, but
it is the spiritual energy generated by this sexual unity that makes union with a woman so
potent.  This Om-Um, Ying-Yang activating principle is reflected in everything throughout the
universe from the minutest atom to the remotest galaxy.

... Therefore, one of the intents and purposes of the publishers is that this offering will help to
foster a stronger bond, a more profound understanding and a greater appreciation of the Black
Man and Woman for each other.  For there is no greater love on Earth than theirs when it is
sincerely and naturally expressed.

... The word angel as used in the English language is from the Greek
aggelos meaning
"messenger".  The same being so in the Hebrew
mal'ak and the Arabic malik.  Initially the
designation referred to a messenger, one who was on a mission with a message and usually
denoted a human rather than a superhuman being.

... Now the ancient Afrikan, from whom the Hebrews who were also Afrikans themselves
inherited their knowledge, did not feel the need to indulge in such devious tactics because they
understood that the different gods and goddesses were merely manifestations of the one God,
but in the later developments of Judaism, Islam and Christianity, theologians endeavoured to
conceal this ancient High Culture concept under the guise of angels and administering spirits.

...attune yourself with your Creator by taking some time out of each day to get alone and be
quiet so you can make contact and communicate with your own feelings and inner being.  
Therein is the beginning of wisdom and the strengthening of your ability to make right choices
and consciously be an example to help bring about the corrective changes so greatly needed in
our communities on an individual as well as a collective basis.  This is the true function of an

...So my beloved brothers and sisters, don't waste a lot of time being angry with your mate, but
rather put that time to good use while you are in arm's reach of your guardian angel's posers
for it is a gift from God.

...In ancient Afrikan societies, the king's throne was referred to as his mother's lap because it is
through the female line that he receives his power and the king was not the king until he had
been annointed by the queen.

...The role of the woman as the "sacred vessel" was expressed and depicted in a multiplicity of
ways throughout the ancient cultures and high civilizations whose priests kept carefully
attended holy pots and golden urns in their temples and sanctuaries to denote the every
present reality of the feminine productive and nurturing powers.  To find heaven, obtain
wisdom and effectuate oneness with the cosmos, they taught, a man must know the divine
experience of spiritual, mental and physical unity with the woman, an achievement which they

...In those life-enhancing societies, the original Black Man believed that Mother hood was
expressly linked to superior intelligence and magical powers for they were keenly aware of and
appreciated the fact that the time a child spent with its mother had a direct bearing on its
cognitive formulation.

...Portrayals of the original Afrikan Woman often depict her wearing a mask which signifies the
special relationship the female principle has with the Cosmos and her privileged access to its
mysteries.  She was granted this exalted status because it is only the feminine gender that has
experienced the power and pain of giving birth; this was of special importance to the people of
antiquity because it was the primary means of perpetuating and nurturing the human species.  
The man planted the seminal seed, but the woman nourished, sustained and delivered it.  Thus
her most honored place in the society.  She was regarded as the cosmic glue that held all things

...In our closing comments,we think it fitting to touch on the coming together of the
male/female principle through the dynamic cosmic expression of human sexuality.  It cannot
be over emphasized that this is a spiritual thing and it is with this understanding that you
should come to one another.  My brother, you must ever be mindful that the Black Female is
the most sacred female entity in the world.  Not only because of the joy derived from physical
interchange with her, but also because of the spiritual enlightenment and growth which can be
garnered from such encounters.

The ancient priests of Kemet were said to have attained phenomenal levels of spiritual growth
and power through the practice of maithuna which was a total mental, physical, and spiritual
involvement with woman.