Satisfying The Black Woman Sexually
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excerpts from the book...
Satisfying The Black Woman Sexually
Made Simple (Revised Edition)
by Dr. Rosie Milligan

... African American males have long needed this valuable information.  Black boys learn sexuality
on the streets at an early age often with many misconceptions.  This book brings the ebony men and
women together in much greater unity than any other book to date.

Since slavery times Black women have been devalued.  She is uniquely different from any other
woman on the planet and deserves to be treated as such.

George H. Hill, PH.D., APR
Hill Cinema/Television Heritage

excerpts from various chapters in the book

...Sex in not everything in a nutshell, however, sex has an effect on everything we do.  A couple
needs much, much more than sex to bridge and sustain a well-balanced healthy relationship.  
Sexual activities have a strong influence on the way one thinks and performs in all areas of

...The stress imposed on the Black Woman today has taken a toll on her sexuality.  The Black
Woman wants to satisfy her mate, however she also wants to be satisfied.  Any and all
frustration absorbs too much energy.

...The Black Woman is a very shapely, sensuous woman. ...she sometimes forgets the unique
beauty of the African woman.  The Black Woman's perfect breasts, broad hips and her beautiful
think lips, are envied all around the world.

...There is one sexual factor that I believe all women have in common and this is the desire to
reach the highest level of sexual fulfillment --- Orgasm.

...A woman wants a man who is in tune and in touch with her body language.

Touching for pleasure is so very important because it gives the man an opportunity to tune into
this woman's body talk.

...You should find out what your woman would like for you to do when she is experiencing an

...An Orgasm is a wonderful experience; however, a woman can enjoy sex and live a happy life
without it.  Most women never knew they had not been having an orgasm until they finally had

...It should become a joint venture to assure the highest possible sexual gratification for both

...Making love is when a man takes the time to provide all the foreplay necessary to prepare his
woman for a satisfying sexual experience.  ...Making love is when a man provides after-play for
his woman, recognizing that many times he is the only one that has experienced an orgasm.

...Next to eating, good sex is the next most sought after experience by humans.

...A healthy energized body and mind can certainly enhance your sexual experience.  Good
nutrition and herbal products along with a good colon cleanser will help provide the body with
the energy and vitality needed to improve one's overall well being --- which can lead to a better
sex life.

...Remember, it is better to learn late than never.

...Satisfying the Black Woman sexually begins with making her feel special, loved, respected
and cherished.

...Be kind to our Black women whenever possible.  They deserve it. ...Please don't
misunderstand me, everyone should be treated with kindness, you included.