My Life and Ethiopia's Progress
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My Life and Ethiopia's Progress - Volume Two: Addis Abeba 1966 E.C.
The Autobiography of Emperor Haile Sellassie I King of Kings and Lord of Lords
by Research Associates School Times Publications & Frontline Distribution Intl, Inc.
Edited and Annotated by Harold Marcus with Ezekiel Gebissa and Tibebe Eshete
The voice you are listening to is the voice of your emperor, Haile Sellassie I.
Patriots of my country:  while We were working hard to bring the country, which our
forefathers had preserved, at the cost of their blood and bones, to the highest stage of
civilization, our traditional arch-enemy, Italy, envious of our progress, violated our boundary
and unleashed a brutal war against us.  You are all aware of this.  After defending Our country
with all the capacity We were able to muster, We came to the League of Nations and friendly
countries in order to secure assistance.  While We continued negotiations, you the patriots of
Ethiopia, did not lay down your swords, nor did you retreat from the battle front, nor have you
thrown away your flag.

Refusing to be governed by aliens, you fought, with exemplary courage, against an enemy by
far superior to you in terms of armament.  Your major weapon was your innate heroism, and
your hope was, the God of Ethiopia.  You struggled relentlessly day and night in the ravines and
deep gorges.  Now, your unceasing struggle...and your sacrifices have borne fruit.

When Italy violated the sanctity of our borders, Great Britain and France..made her pay fines.  
But now they have given Us the assistance We long have yearned for, and We are back to
rescue you.  The might fighter planes of Britain and France now fly over Italian territory as well
as over Ethiopian air space.  In Europe, Italy is being paid back for her attack [on Ethiopia] from
the air and through artillery.  I am confident that her ground forces will not escape you, the
patriots of Ethiopia.

Those of you who are under Italy's control, wherever you are, do not believe..false
propaganda.  Hereafter, if you continue to be Italy's instrument, you will leave behind only
infamy for your descendants.

Today, tyrannical governments have risen to prominence in the world.  They separate the same
people from one another and persecute them like beasts.  Although time appears to be in their
favor, do not forget the saying, 'in unity, a bunch of threads will be able to trap a lion'.  Big or
small, adult or child alike, rise up from horizon to horizon against the Italians.

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Ethiopia Shall Stretch Out Her Hands unto God
Haile Sellassie I
Officials and patriots of the people of Ethiopia!  The free people of the world have admired you
for standing up against the enemy without losing hope, letting your forces divide, and fighting
heroically for five solid years.  You have earned their friendship.  The agony you have borne,
the sacrifices you have made and the gallantry you have shown have not been in vain.  The day
of your salvation has arrived.

The government of Great Britain has given Us its mighty armed forces so that we can regain our
full independence.

Behold, I am also back with you.

Let us thank God, for He has turned His face of mercy upon us.  Let us also thank and remember
the heroes who paid the ultimate sacrifice on the battleground and the many thousands of
Ethiopians who fell victim to fascist Italy's brutality.

Officials and patriots of the people of Ethiopia!

The government of Italy has declared war on Great Britain.  It did so because Great Britain
blocked its supply line when the aggressor invaded our country and insisted that the charter of
the League of Nations be respected.

Now you know what you should do.

Those of you who had enlisted with the enemy, join the patriots immediately and help your
country.  From now on, do not put your word and power at the service of the enemy.  Wherever
you find the enemy, attack him, block his way and limit his mobility, strike and crush him.

Gallant patriots of Ethiopia!

I am aware of what you have done individually.  I anticipate seeing more of your heroic deeds.  
Patriots,  show your gallantry, clergymen and elders, help in rendering advice to our people;
farmers and traders as well as other workers, be strong in your respective work for the sake of
your country; all of you will be rewarded for your labor in due time.

[You,] the people of Hamasen, Akele Guzay, Seraye, Beni Amer, Habab, Mensa, all those who are
on this or that other side of Mereb, I tell you to cooperate with your Ethiopian brothers.  
Hereafter, not a single one of you should be a tool for the Italians.  Do not fight your mother
Ethiopia or Our allies, the British.  I know the wishes of your hearts.  It is the wish of the rest of
the Ethiopian people as well.  Your fate is tied to the rest of the Ethiopians.

People of Ethiopia!  Just as you shared the suffering of war, in the peace to come, you will be
sharing the fruits and joy of reconstruction and progress for our country, which will be effected
with assistance of the League of Nations, especially the help of Great Britain, with whom We
have been in alliance.  We will improve and perfect the system of Our government.  The
administration of Our country will be replaced by a new and civilized one.  We will also
strengthen Our relations with other peoples.  We will work for the expansion of trade,
agriculture, education and art.  We would like to see an independent and prosperous Ethiopia
in which our people may live in freedom, justice, unity and access to knowledge.  Such good
fortune is in the hands of the gallant children of Ethiopia.

People of Ethiopia!  Let us now be worthy of the assistance that Great Britain has provided us.  
The British are only intent on destroying the common enemy and restoring the full
independence of Ethiopia.  Other than this, they want nothing from our country.

Therefore, wherever you meet British officers and soldiers, welcome them with courtesy
because they are the ones who came to us [to help] regain our freedom.  Do not forget that they
are comrades-in-arms and distinguished guests of each one of us.

Long live free Ethiopia!
Long live Great Britain!

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Introduction by Author
This volume is long sought after and long awaited.  It is
...This volume covers the years in exile and the triumphant
march to victory.

The war in Ethiopia between 1935 and 1941 was not an
ordinary one.  It was a war of the red, white and blue
versus the Red, Green and Gold.  It was a war of the Pope
of Rome versus JAH THE ALMIGHTY.  The devil seeking
hegemony against God.  It was a war of Europe versus the
pride of Afrika.  A war of revenge for the defeat inflicted on
them at the Battle of Adawa in 1896.  A war of European
evils and sodomy versus the morals and principles of
Afrika.  Europe and Italy's defeat in 1941 still lingers deep
within their memory.