Negus 'Majestic Tradition Of Ethiopia'
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excerpts from the book...
Negus 'Majestic Tradition Of Ethiopia'
by Miguel F. Brooks
'The dynasty to which Makeda belonged is estimated to have been established in Ethiopia
around the year 1300 B.C. and was founded by Za Besi Angabo...  When Za Sebado died this

 son-in-law became the country's king, and reigned from about 1026-1005 B.C.  To him
and his wife Queen Ismenie, were born two children; first a son, Prince Noural Rouz, whose
name meant "the light of day"; and second, a daughter, Princess Makeda, who is said to have
been born in 1020 B.C.   While Prince Noural was still an infant his nurse accidently let him fall
into the fire which caused his death.'

'When her father died in about the year 1005 B.C.,
Makeda, being his only heir, ascended
the throne and reigned until about the year 955 B.C.
 The young queen is said to have been
very beautiful in face, her stature was absolutely superb and her understanding and
intelligence were very great.'

'Yet, even after the Asian occupation of the Nile delta, the
Ethiopian empire still included
most of Egypt, along with its lesser divisions of Wawat, Nubia, and Cush.'

'And so it was at that time that the reigning monarch of the two lands, Candace Queen of
Egypt and Ethiopia, known also as Makeda Queen of Sheba
entered the dominions of
Solomon King of Judah and Israel.'

'And so Solomon made
Balkis, Queen of Sheba, his wife and converted her from sunworship
to the worship of the one true God.  ...And when at length she returned to her own kingdom
carried within her the fruit of her union with Solomon
, and after that, she brought forth a
man-child who subsequently became
the ancestor of the Ethiopian kings.'

'According to the
KEBRA NAGAST, this was Solomon's first-born son.  He was named Bayna
, meaning "son of the wise man"...'

'...The celebrated historical work known as the
KEBRA NAGAST (Glory of Kings) was already
in existence then, but it was during the reign of Yekuno Amlak that it was officially codified
with the objective of proving the descent of this Solomonic line of kings, and
has remained in
its present form ever since as the official documentary evidence for the Ethiopian royal

'The eternal covenant remained, and the transfer of God's Holy Ark of the Covenant from
Jerusalem to Ethiopia
, ensured that the royal and sacred blood of David would continue
there, manifested in the Dynasty of the Blessed Seed, the line of
Solomonic Kings of Ethiopia.'

In Ethiopia, Bayna Lekem assumed the throne name of Menyelek I and ascended the
throne that was abdicated in his favor by his mother, the Queen of Sheba.  And so was
established the line of kings of the Royal House of David and Solomon in Ethiopia, reputed to
be the oldest monarchy in the world.'

'The Legendary, Biblical line of Solomonic kings of
Ethiopia whose origins are enshrouded in
the mists of remotest history, undoubtly fulfill the divinely established
Davidic Covenant.  
This Blessed Seed coursing through the sacred royal blood of 225 monarchs, survived the
countless plots, intrigues and machinations of various enemies, to
manifest the Kingly
Character of the Anointed One
in the exalted personality of the Elect of God, the Lion of the
Tribe of Judah,
Haile Selassie I.  
A powerful overview of the incredible trajectory through Bible, History and World-Affairs of

the oldest Royal Dynasty
in the annals of mankind.'

'... From ancient
Nubia, Ethiopia, Egypt and across the African continent to the great
kingdoms of
Ghana, Mali and Songhai, the legendary Koromantyns of the Ashanti tribe
survived the hellish Middle Passage transportation across the Atlantic, to lead every slave
rebellion in
Jamaica, and eventually to manifest the original spirit of Judah in the phenomena
of the
Ras Tafarian movement.  A first-time-ever history of the spiritual origins of the Ras
people and the Majestic role they fulfill in last-day events.  Riveting and
controversial, it will surely rock the comfortable assumptions of conventional beliefs.

.. Redeemer is mighty and strong, The Lion of the Tribe of Judah, from the Root of
David, The Ancient of Days, His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, who has given unto us
His Saints, the Rastafarians
(Haile Selassie Ites), His Righteous Judgement to build Him a
New Jerusalem in Jamaica