The Journey of the Songhai People
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excerpts from the book...
The Journey of the Songhai People
by Robinson, Battle and Robinson
The Pan African Federation Organization (PAFO) is a dynamic group of dedicated people who
build PAFO from a germ of a Pan-African idea to the present.  The founding families of PAFO
comprise the superstructure of a monumental heritage and tradition of selfless contributions.
(pg. xxix)

...The Journey Of The Songhai People.  It is a historical documentary on the people of the
Western Sudan in Africa where the overwhelming majority of our people here in America come
from. (pg. 3)

...Let us say here and now that the upper echelon of the white race knows our history better
than most Black people.  These white scholars in the educational system control the education
Blacks, not only in the United States, but throughout the world. (pg. 9)

...Black kings founded and ruled from the first dynasty.  Blotting Blacks out of history included
such tactics as replacing African names of persons, places and things with Arabic and European
names. (pg. 11)

...We have joined every religious cult in the world and are not even mindful of our Traditional
African religious concepts. (pg. 13)

...we know that we are the most spiritual people in the world.  The spiritual name of Africa is
called Alkebu-lan, which means the "land of the Spirit People". (pg. 15)

...In our search for truth, it was revealed to us by the spirit of our ancient forefathers and
mothers that the True Creator would enlighten us if we would seek diligently for the truth.  We
found, that it was at Nice-Rome in 325 A.D. when Constantine the Great started the great switch
from the Black Christ and the Black Madonna worship to white. (pg. 16)

...Unity among the Blacks has been prevented for so many centuries that the various
mechanisms to keep Blacks disorganized have been perfected in the Western system of race
control. (pg. 17)

...One thing is clear, we allowed it to get out of hand, and if it is to be righted, we (collectively)
will have to do it. (pg. 21)

...Knowledge of race history, is to that race, exactly as an individual's memory is to that

Without memory, an individual lives in an eternity of unconnected moments, totally
dysfunctional and unlearned.  (pg. 24)

...the African Foetus goes
through the white, straight-haired stage on its evolutionary journey
our more advanced stage.  If as white pseudo-scientists try to say that the white man is
farther advanced, then by all scientific data, the
white foetus would have to go through the
Black-skinned, evolved hair stage that
it does not do. (pg. 55)

...The fourteen-ton stone heads with African features are proof that the Africans reached
Central America.  The were deified by the Olmec Indians for bring them agricultural,
architectural and medical science.  Dr. Ivan Van Sertima's great work.  
They Came Before
documents their successful trip. (pg. 94)

...The Songhai people themselves, were farmers, fishermen, hunters, craftsmen, traders, and
warriors. (pg. 99)

... the industrious people of Mali skillfully put their country's resources to use. (pg. 101)

...The African system of justice, economics and scholarly pursuits were being fed by the roots
which drank the spiritual nourishment and wisdom of our illustrious ancestors. (pg. 102)
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