The Secret Doctrine
excerpts from the book...
The Secret Doctrine
compiled by Abuna Ammanual Foxe
Creation of Man
GOD endows man with powers from the first moment of his existence.  Man regardless of his
sinful behavior will never lose the image, but the likeness of Godliness depends upon man's
morals, values, choices, and upon his virtue.  Therefore, through Rastalogy(TM), Man at his
first creation was GOD and Man.

Man, so the Bible teaches, is made into the 'image' and 'likeness' of GOD.  To Rastafarians, this
means the
Trinity.  Thus it is only in the light of the Trinity that a Rastafarian can understand
who he is and what GOD intends him to be.

... The fact that there is a GOD, although absolutely transcendent, does not cut Him off from the
world, which He created.  GOD is above and outside His creation, yet He also exists within; as
the Psalmist stated in Psalms 24, "The Earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof, the world,
and they that dwell therein."

This distinguishes between GOD's
Essence and His Energies.  GOD's essence remains
unapproachable, but his energies came down to us.  JAH's energies, which are GOD Himself,
penetrate all His creations; and we experience these energies in the form of Grace and Divine
Light.  Yet, He is also a GOD of history and action, intervening directly in concrete situations.

This GOD Rastalogy identifies who acts is not only a GOD of Energies, but a Personal God.  
When man participates in the Divine, he is brought face to face with a person; Haile Selassie I.  
This not all, GOD is not simply a single person confined within his own self, but a Trinity of
Three persons: TAFARI-RAS TAFARI-HAILE SELASSIE I.  Each of who lives in the other two by
virtue of an everlasting movement in Love.  JAH is not only a Unity, but also a Union.

GOD has come to man not only through His energies, but also in His own personage: Tafari.  
The Word became flesh and dwelt among man.  There could be no closer union between GOD
and His creation.  There is not.  JAH Himself became one of His creations.
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