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The Church of Haile Selassie I - Divine Liturgy
by Ammanuel Foxe
This document represents the liturgical outlay identifying the Divine Principle on which The
Church of Haile Selassie I believe the faithful become one with JAH himself through liturgical
operation.  Our Saviour Haile Selassie I established the divine platform for the official emersion
of the church, in his statement 1953 in Eritrea, Ethiopia quote “Christianity and Islam are not
the only two religions in the world, there are others.”  Joshua “The Christ” with his discourse
with the woman, Samaria, St. John 4 v19-26, as the seventy-first (71st) Master established the
church in the wilderness in his discourse with her.

Ethiopia has given the world three (3) great religions:

1)        Judea-Christianity
2)        Islam
3)        Traditional Religion

that represents the indigenous belief of the people.  The belief of the Rasta people represent
indigenous Ethiopia (Jeremiah 8v19-23) “Is not the Adonai in Zion? is not her King in her?

The Socio-Religious history of the movement will show that the time has come when the
followers (Rastafarians) of Haile Selassie I should demonstrate their belief in Him through a
liturgical performance, compatible to the Melchizedek Order.  Giving thanks and praises to the
God of Ethiopia, Elohim Sabboath, through the seventy-second (72nd) Master of the Ages
Emperor Haile Selassie I to whom be glory and power and world without end.  Amen.


O’ Thou God of Ethiopia Eternal God, Creator of Heaven and Earth and all things visible and
invisible; we give thee thanks through thy Son and Saviour Haile Selassie I.  For thou has taken
us out of the path of evil and brought us into the path of Righteousness.

Let thy blessing come upon us as the blessing of the Holy Spirit who came down upon the
Apostles in the upper room of Holy Zion, in like sort come down and be multiplied upon me
and all of my brethren who bow their heads in the front of thy Holy presence and forgive them
of their deeds, whether they sin against thee willingly, for thou JAH know the feebleness of
their heart.

O’ Father of all and maker of all, have mercy on us, and cause thy blessing to be upon us this
day and all the rest of our life, in all peace through thy Divine name Haile Selassie I.  To whom
be glory and dominion both now and ever, Amen. Amen. Amen.  And one cried unto another,
and said Holy, Holy, Holy is the Adonai of Hosts:  The whole earth is full of His Glory.