Visions for Black Men
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Nothing is hidden from God's view!...
excerpts from the book...
Visions for Black Men
by Na'im Akbar
... Leaders must understand that their commitment is not just for a small "me," but to a bigger

... The man consciousness grows into a God-consciousness.  The God-consciousness expands
to its fullest capacity in projecting the highest aspirations for the human being.  This
God-consciousness is not about religion in the popular sense, because it is non-denominational
and non-sectarian.  God-consciousness has little to do with church, to the mosque or to the
synagogue.  Those visits may make us "feel" God, but they don't grow us into creatures made in
the image of God...

... Whatever you can understand, you can be;...

...Men build institutions.  They don't seek jobs.  They don't seek employment.  They don't want
to pass on the legacy of a "job."  They want to build institutions so that four hundred years later
their descendants can say, "That's what was left.  That's the legacy.  That's what we build on."  
The want to be able to point to things that stand as concepts that regenerated long after the
person has passed....

...The oldest practice of Christianity in the world is in Ethiopia.  The African Christians are the
oldest Christians on earth.  If the Church in Rome wants to know about Chrisitianity in its
traditional form, let them go to the black folks in Abyssinia, called Ethiopia.  Let them tell
so-called white Christians about the Ethiopian Coptic church, the oldest version of

...We must educate, then we must celebrate....