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Ten Best Reasons to Use a Condom
Latex condoms are the best way for sexually active people to
protect themselves from unplanned pregnancy, HIV(the virus that
causes AIDs), and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).  If you are
having sex or thinking about having sex, consider these reasons
why you should use a condom:

  1. Condoms Are Inexpensive
  1. Condoms only cost about $1.00 each.
  2. Many HIV, STD and family planning clinics offer condoms
    for free.
  1. Condoms Are Easy to Get
  1. You can get condoms at most drug stores, supermarkets,
    family planning clinics and HIV/STD clinics.
  2. Many public rest-rooms have condom vending machines.
  3. Anyone can buy condoms.  You don't need to be a certain
    age or have a prescription.
  1. Condoms Help Prevent Unplanned Pregnancy
  1. When used correctly and every time you have sex,
    condoms can help prevent pregnancy.
  2. Even if you use another form of birth control, condoms
    offer additional protection.
  1. Condoms Help Protect You from HIV and STDs
  1. Latex condoms give you good protection from HIV and
  2. "Natural" or "lambskin" condoms will not protect you
    from HIV or other STDs.
  1. Either Partner Can Take Responsibility
  1. You or your partner can by condoms and remember to
    use them; or you can share the responsibility.
  1. You'll Worry Less
  1. You may not be able to tell if your partner has an STD or
    is infected with HIV.  He or she may not even know it.  
    Condoms can help lower your risk.
  2. Worrying about disease or pregnancy can be a turn off.  
    You may enjoy sex more if you use a condom.
  1. Condoms Are Safe and Easy to Use
  1. Condoms are small and easy to carry.  Keep them in a
    cool, dry and convenient place.
  2. For most people, there are no health risks.
  3. People who are allergic to latex can use a condom made
    of polyurethane.
  1. Female Condoms Give You More Choices
  1. While female condoms are still new, studies show they
    can help prevent pregnancy and lower the risk of HIV and
  2. Female condoms may be a good choice if you or your
    partner are allergic to latex (they are made of
  1. Condoms May Make Sex More Enjoyable
  1. Condoms can make sex last longer.
  2. The lubricant used with many condoms makes sex feel
  3. They make sex less messy.
  4. Condoms come in many colors and styles.  Putting them
    on and playing with them can be fun.
  1. No Condom, No Sex
  1. If your partner won't use a condom, you probably don't
    want to have sex with that person.
  2. If you don't use a condom, you may not get to have any
  3. Remember, only you can look out for yourself.  Don't take

Source: New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services ~ STD
Prevention Program; Copyright 1995 ~ Revised 1999
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