“Connecting Community with Culture and Economics”
The Rastafarian Cooperative
established on December 2, 2016 and filed as a New Jersey non-profit.  
The Rastafarian Cooperative (TRC) established to develop and maintain Ital (Organic)
Community Gardens to supplement food supply to local community, including senior citizens
and disadvantaged residents.  This includes: training local community members on
Ital/Organic food development and the resulting health benefits.
The New Jersey Rastafarian Cooperative
established on September 21, 2015 and incorporated on November 4, 2015.  
The New Jersey Rastafarian Cooperative (NJRC) is a LLC Community development
organization owned and operated by its members;
established to address the lack of Culture and Economics in and for our Community.  We know
that by focusing on Culture and Economics we will provide a constructive outlet for our
youths; which in-turn provides a positive path to progressive sustainable growth for our
TRC & NJRC Board ~ Organization ~ Committees
Overall goal:
Cooperative Membership and do no harm to people or environment!
Short-term goal:
Create an environment that engages Community, sustains economic
development, and enhances cultural awareness.
Long-term goal:
Create long-term, fairly compensated, high-performing teams in the areas
of agriculture, construction, and energy.
Member and Community Benefits
  • Knowledge of Agriculture, Employment Opportunities, and Health
  • Knowledge of Climate Change and Renewable Energy Solutions
  • Knowledge of Diversity within Community
  • Employment through Agricultural Programs
  • Employment through Solar-Renewable Energy Programs
  • Employment for skilled and unskilled Members

  • Healthy Eating and Living through Organic Agriculture
  • Engage Youth, Adult, Elder, Academic, Business, and Corporate
  • Secure Member Mentoring and Training Opportunities
  • Shared Responsibilities and Shared Compensation amongst Members
  • "Learn by Doing" as "Each One Teaches One"
Through mass membership and mass patronage of our own enterprises their will be a
shared connection with all members of our Community; thereby being accountable to
and for each other, through
shared responsibility and  shared compensation, making
us able to feed and employ our Members and Community.
We are committed to supporting our Vision by valuing:

  • Ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually
  • Our Women, Men, Children, and Elders
  • Our Community (homes, schools, properties, churches, businesses, and

The differences we share are due to our unique journeys through life as we experience

Each of us will make a conscious decision to up-lift our Community by uplifting
ourselves and others.  If we must vent, we will vent in a positive manner by
determining what progressive steps need to be taken to resolve the issue at hand.
Membership is required.
Please click this link to view TRC Membership Structure and Compenstation
“Learn by Doing" as "Each One Teaches One”
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