Cultural Programs & Projects
  • Art, Music, and Ethnic Education
  • Health Fairs and Seminars
Economic Programs & Projects
  • Organic Agriculture and Market
  • Community Center
  • Solar Park
“Connecting Community with Culture and Economics”
What we provide:
* Cultural, Economic, and Community Development
* The Cultural Museum
* Organic Produce and Residential Raised Garden Boxes
* Health Improvement Initiatives and Trials
* Family Entertainment
* Skilled and Non-skilled workers and employment
* Peaceful and Safe environment
* Shared responsibility and compensation
Note:  Additional details of the Programs and Projects will be made available as we progress through our
membership drive, planning, and designing.  In regards to the NJRC Organic Market,  we will provide
updates as our negotiations with the City administration to utilize existing vacant properties to host the
NJRC Organic Market are completed.
If you have a printer that can print landscape on 8.5" x 14" paper then you can click on the link below to open a copy
of the New Jersey Rastafarian Cooperative Brochure.  If you are not able to print, then you can always go to the
Contact Us" page and complete the form with your information.
We support Our Community Partners
“Learn by Doing" as "Each One Teaches One”
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