Chapter I - Part 1
Higher Education
UCI ~ I See You
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Nothing is hidden from God's view!...
Opens Univesity College Of Addis Ababa (U.C.A.A.)
Feb. 27, 1951
... Knowledge paves the way to love, and love in its turn fosters
understanding, and leads one along the path of great common
When today is being opened this University College, Our feeling of joy has two motivations, Our
happiness is of two kinds.  These are private and common.  Happiness shared with many creates a
source of permanent affection and understanding.  But private happiness is a temporary matter.

Our endeavour to expand schools has passed from planning to achievement.  Our satisfaction in
the field of education is in Our days being shared by the Ethiopian people, and particularly by those
who have and are profiting by it.

Thus, Our saying that this would benefit Ethiopia is now being increased greatly.  As has been
pointed out by Our Vice-Minister, work on the University is progressing rapidly.  To make
successful the work of those educational institutions of higher education, aid of the students and
teachers is needed.  We hope that the preparation of students and teachers is nearing completion.

We are proud to see Ethiopian youth thirsting for learning.  Although the fruits of education can be
applied to evil as well as to good things, you Ethiopian students should avoid having a bad
reputation and be eager and energetic in your studies, be loyal to your country and obedient to
your teachers, eschew lies and follow truth, respect good and be heirs of good work...
Haile Selassie the First - February 27, 1951