Chapter I - Part 1
Higher Education
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Awards Law Certificates
Nov. 25, 1964
We are indeed pleased to congratulate this class who have today received Certificates in law from
the University -- and to the teachers who have made your accomplishment possible by planning,
organizing and carrying out this pioneer project.  You may rightly take great pride in your
accomplishment, just as We do.

The administration of justice, in a modern state, demands well trained qualified persons at every
level.  The introduction of the codes and the revised Constitution of Ethiopia, as well as other
legislation continuously coming from Parliament and the Government, has dramatically changed
Ethiopia's legal system.  The law of the Empire is now modern, complex and scientific in the sense
that it has been prepared by experts after careful study.  The administration of the law of the
Empire increasingly demands highly trained persons.

In a real sense the development of the nation depends upon the development of our legal

The proper administration of justice requires a research for truth; therefore, the judicial function
requires highly selected men.  Judges shall be chosen from among those who studied law, and who
sacrifice their personal interests to their duties.

An advocate who discharges his duty honestly is a judge.  So the need for persons trained in law is

Thus We are pleased to learn that others are following hard upon the footsteps of this class.  We
are pleased to know that soon the number of Ethiopian lawyers holding a university degree in law
will be virtually doubled.

We are especially pleased to see that so many judges and other civil servants and advocates are
taking time to continue their education even as they continue to perform their regular daily duties.

Education is an ongoing task.  The obligation to improve oneself does not cease simply because
one has a regular job.  This is certainly true for those who work in the administration of law and in
legal counselling.  We would urge that these persons must do all they can to improve,
continuously, their professional capacities through further study.

Members of this graduating class:  by sacrificing your time you have advanced yourselves and the

We are confident that the qualification you have earned today will be recognized within the legal
profession.  We believe it should.  We believe, too, that the professional attainment to be achieved
by other students now studying law in other programmes of the Law School must be recognized.

Ethiopia needs a modern legal profession just as she needs the modern legal system she is
building.  The one cannot exist without the other.

You -- all of you who are taking University training in law -- are helping the task of building a

We congratulate you.  We congratulate this class; take pride in what you have done by serving with
continuing zeal and loyalty the Law of Our Empire.
Haile Selassie the First - November 25, 1964