Chapter I - Part 2
Special Education
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In line with Ethiopia's will towards modernization, in a world and era of specialization, the
nation's educational plan had to include training in the various areas of science and
technology.  What has been done and accomplished in this field, the institutions established
and the nation's expectations are mirrored under this caption.
Imperial Guard Cadet Training School
May 25, 1950
We have reminded you repeatedly in the past that bravery is the natural characteristic of the
Ethiopian people, which they need borrow from nowhere, and that the possession by Ethiopian
people of such a sterling quality is widely known.  The fact that We have already explained to you
Our consideration about you makes it unnecessary to dwell on it at length today.

The harmonious blending of military training with inherent valour not only spares vain bloodshed
but also assures victory without undue effort.  A few will disciplined and trained troops, history
bears witness, can win a battle against an out-numbering force, even ten times larger.  History
records that military science enabled Alexander the Great to conquer a large part of the world,
often engaging his 30,000 soldiers against the adversary's 600,000.  Education and training, as in
every walk of life, offers limitless benefits in the military field as well.

Born to struggle in this world, man gradually realizes the miracles of "light" and harness this
knowledge to be his first instrument of defence against the trials of life, never thereafter preferring
to travel in darkness.  You boys, to whom We have handed the powerful weapon of "light" must
exert your utmost to carry the torch of light, sternly refusing to be returned to darkness.  The
results of your training, which have been demonstrated just now, are a matter of pride for your
Emperor and a source of strength to your country.  Whenever We witness such progressive
achievement, We feel extremely happy, looking forward to the dawn of the day that will usher in
the fulfillment of Our plan for Our people's well-being.

There is no person in this world who is free from life's responsibility.  This responsibility enjoins
one to discharge the duty towards the country, serving and dying for it.  No one, whether he is a
soldier or a civilian, can afford to be a coward and can escape this responsibility.  Fortunately,
there is no need at present for the employment of Our armed forces, either here in Our territory or
abroad.  But when your services are called for, the military force We referred to now will be a
guarantee for liberty and independence.  May God help you to fulfil the pledge you have given to
your Emperor and to your country.

We view with satisfaction the services of the Commander of the Imperial Body Guard, Brigadier
General Mulugueta Bully, in efficiently carrying out Our directives, and of the instructors for their
devotion to the task of training.
Haile Selassie the First - May 25, 1950