Chapter I - Part 2
Special Education
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Airmen Contribute To Country's Self-Defence
Sep. 23, 1962
. . . . We feel happy because We believe that the knowledge you have acquired will be put to the
advantage of the country's progress and that your service will greatly strengthen the country's
ability for self-defence, and so help it in attaining the stage of progress.  We also feel that the
service you will render will bring Our efforts to fruition.

Having personally witnessed the knowledge and flying ability you have acquired in the course of
your studies, We can say that you have reached a stage worthy of praise.  However, the knowledge
you have so far acquired can only serve you as a basis for further endeavours and you will be
considered as experts and be of real service to your country only if you faithfully maintain the good
name earned by your outfit and strive to bring a good reputation to your country and people.

As you may judge for yourselves, the airplanes that will be here in the future are very much
different from those that have been used so far, and will therefore require greater imagination and
ability to handle them.  Those people who will be entrusted with their use will bear heavy
responsibilities and will, therefore, be recruited very carefully.  We feel that you also realize the
need for attaching special importance to this aspect.  However, and as much as you have been
given sound education and a good start, you can fulfil your obligations only if you strive for higher
and better endeavours.  This must be your aim and goal in life.

Earlier we made reference to the good name you have earned.  Your reputation is not only known
to us but also to all Africa.  To name but a few, carrier planes have used to transport the Ethiopian
contingent to the Congo, and since a year jet planes have also been made available for UN service
in that Republic.  Our planes have also ben used at the time when our neighbouring and brotherly
people of Somalia were affected by flood.  All these have helped in making Ethiopia better known in
Africa.  It can also be said that African countries sent their youth for training here with you because
they were aware of the good name you have earned in the past.

We shall always strive to render you better facilities for education and also better quality
equipment.  Our thanks are due to all those help and support have been indispensable for
crowning your efforts with success.
Haile Selassie the First - September 23, 1962